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The eCommerce world is booming - consider the fact that 2015's Cyber Monday in the US generated more than $3bn in sales. Whether or not you're thinking about the kind of skills you need to develop yourself as an eCommerce manager or perhaps you're thinking of hiring an e-commerce manager to run your online store, what type of skills should such an employee have in order for your online shop to be a success?

Analytic skills

Perhaps the most important skill an eCommerce manager needs to have is a good set of analytics skills. Running a website and selling products requires you to know exactly what's going on - what's selling, what's not, and why?  That usually involved deep diving into tools like Google Analytics, Woopra or Adobe Analytics. They also needs to be creative as this job requires him to bridge the traditional and web-based sales. Leading work teams and seeing the results then applying measures to eliminate problems is very important for any such manager.

Stay in the loop! Discover what’s new in the world of ecommerce.

Stay in the loop! Discover what’s new in the world of ecommerce.

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A passion for the web sales

You've got to be excited about the products you're selling, and selling online. Yes, every eCommerce manager needs to be passionate about purchasing online and the technologies that come with it. In fact, a good manager like this needs to know all the tech that is needed in order to properly run an eCommerce site. Granted, one can hire professionals in order to stay away from this but the reality is that a passion for tech and proper knowledge can easily pay off.

Business intelligence

A good eCommerce manager will always need what online business management parameters are needed in order to generate good sales. Anticipating trends and being perceptive is mandatory here which is exactly what you have to focus on for the best outcome.

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Obviously, the eCommerce manager needs to have some logistics expertise as well. Logistics is a crucial part of the e-commerce world so having this skill is very important. The manager can either create a dedicated logistics department or outsource it, that all depends on the experience!

Being a good leader

Leadership is one of the most important skills in the e-commerce world and the e-commerce manager needs to have plenty of that. They need to be able to take decisions and he has to work hard in order to reach progress at all times. That’s what really makes a good eCommerce manager stand out. Also, handling difficult situations properly is mandatory for a stellar manager like this, so there’s that.

There’s no denying that being an eCommerce manager does require a complex approach towards selling online. This job is not for everyone and it does come with its own set of skill demands. Some of these are very challenging as you can see but that’s what really manages to boost the experience forward.

If you want to become an eCommerce manager, then you should definitely consider acquiring these skills via learning and a lot of hard work. Another way to learn and build skills is by attending ecommerce meetups with other ecomm managers.

Granted, it will not be easy but it will provide you with great results in the long run. Don’t hesitate and check out this amazing opportunity and lead eCommerce sites to new heights, you will certainly be amazed at the huge potential that this job has to offer!