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About The Ecomm Manager


The Ecomm Manager helps your business reach new heights.


About The Ecomm Manager

The Ecomm Manager brings you the latest and best insights for your brand’s ecommerce strategy, including expert advice on customer experience, content, marketing, social media, sales, inventory management, shipping, logistics, and more.

Through in-depth articles, interviews, podcasts, software reviews, and analysis from industry professionals, The Ecomm Manager covers the entire ecommerce ecosystem—from the first customer interaction to last-mile delivery.

With a roster of 100+ expert contributors and 20,000+ monthly visitors, The Ecomm Manager is the go-to resource for ecommerce leaders who want to make the most of their online store.

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Meet Our Editorial Team

The Ecomm Manager is owned and managed by Black & White Zebra, a fast-growing digital media company.

Our team combines expertise in ecommerce management, content strategy/production, and community engagement to bring you industry-leading content and experiences.

ECM Sean Headshot Yellow
Sean Flannigan

Sean is the Senior Editor for The Ecomm Manager. He’s spent years getting to know the ecommerce space, from warehouse management and international shipping to web development and ecommerce marketing. A writer at heart (and in actuality), he brings a deep passion for great writing and storytelling to ecommerce topics big and small.

Martina Arsova

Graphic Designer


Martina is responsible for crafting the visuals for The Ecomm Manager, from designing illustrations and infographics to handling all other graphic elements on the site. Martina is a multidisciplinary artist and has been taking care of the overall look and feel of the ECM brand for the past three years.


Becca Banyard

Podcast Manager


With over three years of experience in digital media production for Black & White Zebra, Becca is responsible for growing and producing The Ecomm Manager podcast. Becca aims to make a meaningful difference in the workplace and deliver content that helps ecommerce professionals succeed.


Resources to help you stay up to date with the latest in ecommerce

The Ecomm Manager Podcast

Filled with actionable insights and personal stories, The Ecomm Manager Podcast goes beyond the buzzwords and flashy headlines. Through in-depth interviews, The Ecomm Manager Podcast helps ecommerce professionals better understand branding, marketing, analytics, customer experience, and logistics with helpful advice from industry experts.

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Thought leadership articles

Original, actionable insights from thought leaders for your ecommerce strategy, including customer experience, content, marketing, social media, sales, inventory management, shipping, and delivery. Passionate about sharing your voice and perspective? We’d love to hear from you. We make the writing contribution process simple, easy, and fun.

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Reviews to help you choose the right tools

We aim to provide you with rich insights from our in-house tool experts to help you select the right software for your ecommerce business. Looking to connect with our expert tools team to help you in your buying journey? Let us know!

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The Ecomm Manager provides the most targeted and cost-effective media in the ecommerce marketplace and equips advertisers to promote to senior decision-makers involved in product strategy and development.

We work strategically with our advertisers to ensure that their activities achieve maximum reach and impact through a rich variety of promotional packages, all of which can be tailored to your specific campaign objectives.


Contribute To The Ecomm Manager

We’re always looking to grow our community of thought leaders. If you want to share your expertise with our readers, we want to hear from you. We consider applications for long-term, short-term, or one-time contributor relationships.