Starting an eCommerce business feels like a huge leap of faith – I know, I am trying it!  Learn as I go about launching an online baby boutique gift shop, astonbaby.com and learn about the stages, pitfalls, and big wins that can make this a rewarding stay at home business opportunity.

In the past I have run multi-million dollar website for other companies but have never sold a product of my own, so here I will share all the valuable tips and tricks I learn along the way so you too can start your own ecommerce website.  My goal is to earn a $15k profit in year one.

Learn how to start your own e-commerce business with me as I earn an income while staying at home with my kids! The eComm Manager is your one-stop ecomm destination to transform your e-commerce business. Discover with us the latest and best of strategy, design, user experience, content and social. With trends data, news and articles on search engine marketing & optimization, analytics, conversion rate optimization, mobile, apps, tools these are the tips and tricks you need to build your ecomm business.

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