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Drawing from years of navigating the complexities of ecommerce inventory and order management, I'm here to walk you through Linnworks—its nuts and bolts, strengths, and areas where it might leave you wanting more. This Linnworks review is crafted to provide you with the essential insights to judge if this software fits the bill for your business needs.

Linnworks Sales Performance by Source report screenshot
Linnworks Sales Performance by Source report details sales volume and unit numbers per source, offering insights for potential enhancement.

Linnworks Product Overview

Linnworks serves as a central hub for managing inventory and orders across various ecommerce platforms. It's designed for online businesses, providing a singular point of reference for managing stock levels, order processing, and fulfillment. The inventory management system brings notable benefits in saving time and reducing errors by automating many of the manual tasks involved in ecommerce operations.

It addresses common pain points such as overselling, stockout situations, and the laborious process of order tracking. The best features include multi-channel integration, batch order processing, and detailed reporting.


  • Multi-channel Sync: Linnworks ensures real-time inventory updates across all selling channels, meaning stock levels stay accurate no matter where a sale is made.
  • Automation: Order processing becomes faster and less prone to human error, as repetitive tasks are automated.
  • Reporting: Detailed insights into sales and inventory data aid in making informed business decisions.


  • Learning Curve: Some users find the initial setup and customization complex.
  • Integration Limits: While it covers many web-based platforms, there may be some ecommerce channels or tools Linnworks does not integrate with as smoothly.
  • Cost Barrier: For smaller businesses, the investment in Linnworks might be significant relative to the scale of their operations.

Expert Opinion

As someone steeped in ecommerce management tools, I appreciate Linnworks for its robust automation capabilities and the clarity it brings to multi-channel operations. Where it shines is in handling high-volume, multi-platform sales—a complex task it simplifies admirably. That said, it may not be the first pick for those just starting out or businesses with simpler needs due to its cost and the steepness of its learning curve.

In environments where ecommerce is the lifeblood and efficiency is key, Linnworks is a strong contender. Comparing it to others, its advantage lies in the depth of its integrations and automation, while it could improve user accessibility and support breadth.

Linnworks Review: The Bottom Line

Linnworks stands out with its powerful automation and multi-channel synchronization, features that not all inventory and order management tools can match. It’s particularly good at saving businesses time and reducing the risk of errors that can come with managing large volumes of orders.

The most noteworthy features, such as its sophisticated reporting and batch processing capabilities, make it uniquely suited for high-volume ecommerce businesses that operate across multiple platforms.

Linnworks Deep Dive

Delving into the capabilities and functionality of Linnworks, we'll thoroughly explore how this ecommerce order management software stands out in its field.

Linwworks review showing screenshot of Financial Performance by SKU report
The Linwworks Financial Performance by SKU report displays profitability per SKU, helping gauge individual item popularity and guiding informed decision-making.

Product Specifications

  1. Multi-channel integration - Yes
  2. Real-time inventory updates - Yes
  3. Order processing automation - Yes
  4. Bulk order processing - Yes
  5. Detailed reporting and analytics - Yes
  6. Purchase order management - Yes
  7. Returns management - Yes
  8. Warehouse and shipping management - Yes
  9. Accounting integration - Yes
  10. CRM integration - Yes
  11. POS integration - No
  12. Dropshipping support - Yes
  13. Barcode scanning - Yes
  14. Product information management - Yes
  15. Supply chain management - Yes
  16. Customer support tools - Yes
  17. Loyalty program management - No
  18. Demand forecasting - Yes
  19. Customizable workflows - Yes
  20. Mobile access and management - Yes
  21. Email marketing integration - No
  22. SEO management tools - No
  23. Cross-border sales support - Yes
  24. Risk management - Yes
  25. Social media integration - No

Feature Overview

  1. Multi-channel integration ensures all sales channels are managed from a single platform, reducing overselling risks.
  2. Order processing automation cuts down on manual tasks and accelerates order fulfillment, crucial for businesses scaling up.
  3. Bulk order processing enables efficient handling of large order volumes, a lifeline for high-volume businesses.
  4. Detailed reporting provides actionable insights, aiding in smart decision-making.
  5. Real-time inventory updates maintain accurate stock management across all channels, essential for customer satisfaction.
  1. Warehouse and shipping management offers comprehensive control over inventory storage and movement.
  2. Purchase order management streamlines the restocking process, directly linking sales data to inventory needs.
  3. Barcode scanning facilitates quick inventory and sales processing, integrating seamlessly with the system.
  4. Demand forecasting uses sales data and trends to predict stock needs, optimizing inventory levels.
  5. Customizable workflows allow the software to be tailored to unique business processes, adding flexibility to operations.

Standout Functionality

  • Predictive restocking - Linnworks employs advanced algorithms to anticipate inventory needs, mitigating stockouts and excess.
  • Automated rules engine - The software's rules engine automates complex processes, saving time and reducing human error.
  • Customizable data fields - Linnworks allows users to customize data fields to fit niche business requirements, enhancing data relevance and utility.


Linnworks integrates out-of-the-box with a wide range of marketplaces, webstores, and shipping carriers. This includes popular platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Magento, facilitating a synchronized multi-channel sales approach. The API access Linnworks provides enables advanced customization and further integration capabilities for specialized business needs.

Additionally, a variety of add-ons are available to extend the platform's functionality, such as advanced reporting tools or specialized inventory forecasting solutions.

Linnworks Pricing

Linnworks offers one tier to cater to different business sizes and needs. The pricing is competitive, with comprehensive features with optional add-ons. You can send a pricing request for your custom plan.

Ease of Use

Navigating Linnworks can be challenging initially due to its vast array of features and customizable options. However, once set up, the straightforward and user-friendly interface facilitates quick access to the most needed areas. The onboarding process is comprehensive, and the platform offers guided tutorials to help new users find their way around the complex functionalities.

Customer Support

Linnworks provides a robust support system with various resources including documentation, tutorials, and a community forum. Their live chat and email support offer direct channels for assistance, although some users have noted longer than desired response times during peak periods.

Linnworks Use Case

Who would be a good fit for Linnworks?

Linnworks is well-suited for medium to large ecommerce businesses that operate across multiple channels and require a robust system to manage their inventory and orders. Companies in fast-paced industries where inventory turnover is high will find its real-time tracking capabilities particularly beneficial.

Who would be a bad fit for Linnworks?

Small businesses and retailers with a single sales channel or those just starting might find Linnworks overwhelming and not cost-effective. Companies looking for a simple plug-and-play solution may find the initial setup and customization process too complex.

Linnworks FAQs

What is Linnworks primarily used for?

Linnworks is used for managing multi-channel ecommerce operations, including inventory control, orders, and shipping processes.

Does Linnworks support international shipping?

Yes, Linnworks integrates with global shipping carriers and supports international shipping management.

Can Linnworks handle dropshipping?

Yes, Linnworks provides functionality to manage dropshipping operations alongside traditional fulfillment methods.

Is Linnworks compatible with POS systems for brick-and-mortar stores?

Yes, Linnworks can integrate with POS systems, allowing for a unified inventory across online and physical stores.

Can Linnworks automate the reordering process with suppliers?

Linnworks allows for the creation of automation rules that can trigger purchase orders when stock levels reach a certain threshold.

Does Linnworks offer reporting and analytics?

Yes, Linnworks provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to monitor sales, inventory levels, and other critical metrics.

How does Linnworks handle returns and exchanges?

Linnworks has a returns management system that helps track and process customer returns and exchanges efficiently.

Can I manage multiple warehouses with Linnworks?

Yes, Linnworks supports multi-warehouse management, allowing for seamless inventory tracking across multiple locations.

Is training available for new Linnworks users?

Linnworks offers a variety of training resources, including webinars, documentation, and direct support to help new users learn the system.

How often does Linnworks update its software?

Linnworks regularly updates its software with new features and improvements, and users are typically notified through the cloud-based platform and via email.

Can Linnworks help with inventory forecasting?

Linnworks has features that assist with inventory forecasting by analyzing sales trends and stock levels to help predict future inventory requirements.

Linnworks Alternatives

  • Shopify - Best for those who want an integrated webstore and inventory management in one.
  • BigCommerce - Suitable for users looking for a robust ecommerce platform with strong SEO features.
  • Magento - Ideal for businesses that require extensive customization and control over their ecommerce environment.

Linnworks Company Overview & History

Linnworks, a company that facilitates multi-channel ecommerce growth, is popular among diverse businesses, from startups to established enterprises. Privately owned, its headquarters are nestled in Chichester, UK. Notable for its innovation-driven culture, the company's mission revolves around simplifying ecommerce complexity. Its history is marked by rapid growth and expansion, aligning with the ecommerce boom.


Linnworks stands out as a comprehensive solution for ecommerce inventory and order management. Its strength lies in handling complexity with ease, making it ideal for businesses scaling up their online presence.

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