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Finding ecommerce blogs that you enjoy is important. If it is not a person or format you enjoy reading, you quickly lose interest. 

Every person has their style of learning so pick what is right for you. I prefer a casual style of writing. Some of my peers prefer a more academic style. Either way, there are great blogs out there for everyone.

The Best Ecommerce Blogs Every Ecomm Manager Should Read

Whether you are a new ecomm manager or have been in the game a while, stay on top of the trends and make sure your business is up to date with ecomm news. Finding the right blog is a fun way to help you do this. Here are some of the best:

1. A Better Lemonade Stand by Richard Lazazzera

Everything you Need to Know to Build a Better Online Store

This is a great blog that covers the topics of ecomm from beginning to end. Whether you are new to your position or have been in it from the beginning, there are some great tips and tricks of the trade that are helpful as you navigate the crowded ecommerce space.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Easy to read, great graphics for clarity, and lots of in-depth topics. It’s something you can look at quickly and still take away some great ideas.

2. EcommerceFuel by Andrew Youderian

The Private Community for 7 Figure Plus Store Owners

This blog is specifically designed to limit members and focus on those who have already established themselves in the ecomm business. It is about meaningful discussions, networking, and advice. This is not the blog for start-ups or new to the business. If you want some great info and ideas from others working in the business, apply to be part of this site. The blogs are immensely helpful.

The Best Part of this Blog:

This blog is exclusive to those who are working in the industry and have a proven track record. Great networking, ecommerce trends, and info from some good blogs.

Stay in the loop! Discover what’s new in the world of ecommerce.

Stay in the loop! Discover what’s new in the world of ecommerce.

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3. The KissMetrics Blog by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah

I want to learn about everything!

Data analytics and marketing are some of the most powerful tools you have in ecomm work. This blog has lots of info on how to use it, advice on content, and how to leverage your numbers and content to reach your target audience and attract potential customers. This isn’t a typical blog, its a vlog with great content and helpful advice.

The Best Part of this Blog:

This is a Vlog rather than a blog. You can listen while you are doing other things and still get some great content.

4. Practical Ecommerce by the Practical Ecommerce Team

This one has everything and blog content is consistently up to date. There are lots of resources no matter what your ecomm business base is. Marketing, conversion rates, and social media content are just some of the topics covered. It has every topic you might want to read. A great go-to when you are looking for something specific for your ecommerce platform.

The Best Part of this Blog:

This blog has everything. The depth of the topics covered is immense and current. You won’t find another blog with this much diverse information.

Kerry Murdock, Publisher of Practical Ecommerce, shared some background on his team's mission, "We launched Practical Ecommerce in 2005 as a monthly, printed magazine. We’ve long since dropped print, but our mission remains to publish content—articles, podcasts, webinars—that genuinely helps merchants. Our contributors are authorities in various aspects of ecommerce. Many have been with us for years; some since inception. Collectively, we never forget our readers—ecommerce owners, managers, employees—and their challenges.”

5. The Shopify Blog by Shopify

If you have an ecommerce store and want to learn from those in the know, this is the blog for you. It provides well written, relevant blogs meant for start-ups as well as bigger companies in the ecommerce industry. They have various voices writing for them, including ecommerce entrepreneurs with backgrounds and experiences offering advice from all perspectives.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Current and timely articles that apply to everyone in the business. If the newest one doesn’t suit your needs, just search and you’ll find what you are looking for.

6. The Help Scout Blog by the Help Scout Team

Tools for the World’s Most Customer-Centric Businesses

If you want to be on top of the trends in ecomm customer service, this is the blog to read. They offer some great customer service advice in a high-quality blog as well as lessons in how your customer service team should talk, act, and deal with customers in the world of ecomm. It’s great advice for any business, online or not.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Simple to navigate and some very sage advice. Lots of topics answering any questions you might have.

7. The Buffer Blog by The Buffer Team

While this blog isn’t just about ecomm, it is a great blog for productivity, business, and other business applicable content. It’s easy to read and can certainly help with online content and customer service advice. Plus, it is written by a multinational team so you can easily find something that applies to your work.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Easy to read and great content on brand building. Whether you are a medium or large-sized company, you can get some good info from this site.

8. Nerd Marketing by Drew Sanocki

Drew knows his stuff. He built the Design Public ecommerce brand, sold it for millions, and then started an ecommerce advisory agency. He has a great sense of humor, too, making his writing easy to read and enjoyable. Drew offers great insight into the ecomm world fr those in the ecommerce business from someone who knows all its ins and outs.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Drew's writing style is great and makes it enjoyable to read. It’s clear, humorous, and has good ecommerce tips, graphics, and layout.

9. ThinkTraffic (Fizzle) by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, and Caleb Wojcik

These guys are funny, educational, and real. They hit all the buttons when you want to learn about improving your ecommerce business and staying on top of marketing strategies and other ecomm trends. While their site is about online business, they have a lot of information for ecomm, all of which are cost-effective and helpful.

The Best Part of this Blog:

This ecommerce blog has lots to say and is easy to navigate. If you don’t have time to read, have a listen. Lots of ways to learn with this team.

10. Forever Jobless by Billy Murphy

These blogs are a little longer than most but are worth the time. Billy offers some out-of-the-box thinking that helps you build your ecomm business sales with new tools and tips. Great insight into an everchanging industry.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Original thinking and great insight into a business that is constantly evolving. 

What do you think?

What ecommerce blogs are you reading? Are there any ecomm blogs that we've missed that we should add to the list? And If you're thinking of starting a blog yourself, do it!

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By Finn Bartram

Finn is an editor The Ecomm Manager. He's passionate about ecommerce and the positive impact it can have on organizations, people, and the planet.