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The Ecommerce Website Building Handbook

The Ecommerce Website Building Handbook

Build Your Ecommerce Website Like A Boss

How do the pros build their ecommerce websites?
Get your free copy of ECM’s Ecommerce Website Building Handbook, featuring essential tips from six top ecommerce founders and CEOs.

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In this handbook, you’ll get essential tips on:

  • Ecommerce branding
  • Platform selection and store architecture
  • Site navigation
  • Checkout and delivery options
  • Data analytics
  • Site optimization

Featured experts:


Jessica Postiglione

Founder and CEO of Bonny


Matt Ranta

Head of Practice for Digital Transformation, Ecommerce, and Strategy at Nimble Gravity


Olivia Jenkins

An award-winning business and marketing consultant


Niki Wright and Scarlett Hampton

Founders of lights&lamps


Anders Ekman

COO and co-founder at Ingrid


Chris Bach

Co-founder/CCO/CSO for Netlify