The 10 Best Mobile Marketing Software Of 2022

In this article, I quickly outline the best mobile marketing software to help you discover new tools that can make your mobile efforts skyrocket this year.

Mobile marketing software can mean a dozen different things. At its core, it’s some form of multichannel engagement software. That can include tools for mobile analytics, mobile engagement, optimization, SMS marketing, marketing automation, reputation management, and even CRMs.

Marketers are used to having a handful of tools at their fingertips, and it’s a reality of the job that you’ll always be discovering and needing new, better, and different tools.

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The Best Mobile Marketing Software List

Here’s my list of my current favorite software:

  1. Oracle Responsys
  2. Marketo Mobile
  3. Leanplum
  4. Passworks
  5. CleverTap
  6. Vibes
  7. Optimizely
  8. Smartlook
  9. Swrve
  10. Iterable

Mobile Marketing Software FAQ

What is a mobile marketing platform?

Mobile marketing platforms are software solutions that are used specifically for mobile marketing teams. Here are some things they do:

  • help marketing and customer experience teams set up push notifications and SMS messages
  • collect information on your audience’s interactions with mobile messages or apps
  • A/B test mobile marketing campaigns
  • set up mobile marketing automations according to audience segments
  • provide reports and analytics to measure effectiveness of campaigns

What is a mobile marketing campaign?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy focused on reaching the target audience on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile campaigns response rates and success rates are higher than any other method of marketing. This is due to marketers being able to reach a far wider and more diverse audience with targeting capabilities.

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Overviews Of The Mobile Marketing Software

Here’s a brief description of the mobile marketing tools that are featured on this top 10 list. 

1. Oracle Responsys – Best software to configure the mobile customer lifecycle

Oracle Responsys Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Manage, personalize, and orchestrate interactions across all mobile channels.

2. Marketo Mobile – Best geo-fencing mobile marketing software

Marketo Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Send timely, location-relevant messages to your customers using beacon and geo-fencing.

3. Leanplum – Best multi-channel marketing tool for A/B testing mobile messages

Leanplum Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Tap into native testing capabilities to A/B test messaging, mobile apps, and website UI.

4. Passworks – Best mobile wallet-based marketing software

Passworks Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Build marketing initiatives right into digital wallets, such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

5. CleverTap – Best mobile marketing tool for focusing on customer retention

CleverTap Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Retain customers with dynamic product recommendations adapted to unique user trends.

6. Vibes – Best marketing software for SMS, MMS, and RCS (better, richer branding options)

Vibes Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Set-up engaging mobile-first campaigns using quizzes and gamification tactics.

7. Optimizely – Best enterprise mobile marketing software

Optimizely Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Real-time event collection servers allow you to get enterprise-level experiment results ASAP.

8. Smartlook – Best mobile tracking tool to record and analyze mobile app users

Smartlook Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Advanced search allows you to find useful information in thousands of recordings quickly.

9. Swrve – Best tool for creating mobile-first customer experiences

Swrve Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
Personalized mobile experiences like push notifications, app notifications, web push, and SMS.

10. Iterable – Best easy mobile marketing software for beginners

Iterable Mobile Marketing Software Screenshot
User-friendly campaign building with AI-powered copy optimization to do the heavy lifting.

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Other Tools To Try

  1. Optimove
  2. EZ Texting
  3. Pendo
  4. Singular
  5. Blueshift
  6. Soomla
  7. Improvado
  8. Pocketstop
  9. Outbound Engine
  10. AppsFlyer
  11. Zaius
  12. Braze
  13. Funnel

What’s Missing From The List?

Have you tried any other software for reaching your audience on mobile devices that I haven’t included in this list? Let me know if you have any other good ones in the comments below!

If you’re looking for any other specific marketing tools, I suggest you check out:

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