Overviews Of 10 Mobile Marketing Software To Help You Choose

Mobile marketing software can mean a dozen different things. At its core, it’s some form of multichannel engagement software. That can include tools for mobile analytics, mobile engagement, optimization, SMS marketing, marketing automation, reputation management, and even CRMs.

Marketers are used to having a handful of tools at their fingertips, and it’s a reality of the job that you’ll always be discovering and needing new, better, and different tools.

Quickly Compare & Evaluate The Top 10 Mobile Marketing Software

In this article, I quickly outline the best mobile marketing software to help you discover new tools that can make your mobile efforts skyrocket this year.

The Best Mobile Marketing Software List

Here’s my list of my current favorite software:

  1. Oracle Responsys
  2. Marketo Mobile
  3. Leanplum
  4. Passworks
  5. CleverTap
  6. Vibes
  7. Optimizely
  8. Smartlook
  9. Swrve
  10. Iterable

Mobile Marketing Software FAQ

Here are a few of the most common questions I come across when people ask me about using mobile marketing software:

What is a mobile marketing platform?

Mobile marketing platforms are software solutions that are used specifically for mobile marketing teams. These tools gather and collect information on their target audiences. This provides a deeper insight into personal behaviors so marketers can use this data to optimize future mobile campaigns.

What is a mobile marketing campaign?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy focused on reaching the target audience on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile campaigns response rates and success rates are higher than any other method of marketing. This is due to marketers being able to reach a far wider and more diverse audience with targeting capabilities.

Some Other Great Mobile Marketing Tools To Try

  1. Optimove
  2. EZ Texting
  3. Pendo
  4. Singular
  5. Blueshift
  6. Soomla
  7. Improvado
  8. Pocketstop
  9. Outbound Engine
  10. AppsFlyer
  11. Zaius
  12. Braze
  13. Funnel

Any Other Mobile Marketing Software For The List?

Have you tried any other mobile marketing software we haven’t included in this list? Let me know if you have any other good ones in the comments below!

If you’re looking for any other specific marketing tools, I suggest you check out:


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