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What is Carro? Read on to discover how Carro works— how it can help you solve the problems common with influencers marketing for brand marketers and digital marketing specialists. Tour its features—from influencer discover to collaborations— and learn more about pricing and integrations. I’ll also explain how Carro compares to similar influencer marketing platforms and tools. 

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What Is Carro?

Carro is an influencer marketing platform that discovers all the influencers, press, and media that already love your brand. Whether they’re your brand’s customers, email subscribers, or fans, Carro will reveal all the influential people with a connection to your brand. From there, Carro makes it easy to collaborate with your brand’s most influential fans and customers at scale. Their mission is transparent influencer marketing that’s always on. 

The Orange County-based team is comprised of the world’s top data scientists, information scientists, software engineers, technologists, and in-house social media influencers. It was launched in early 2018 and has grown to help its 7,000+ brands identify more than 3 million influencers that are fans and customers.

Who Is Carro For?

Carro is for any brand looking to grow through influencer marketing. Through Shopify (other integration partners coming soon!), businesses of all sizes can discover the influencers who already love their brand. Carro represents brands in all major industries, demographics, and geo-locations. Carro’s easy to use platform makes it simple for every marketing team member to find influencers, invite them to collaborate, and manage product requests. Use Carro project management to get your influencer marketing up and running!

Users can use Carro as a tool for discovering new influencer partners or use every feature to handle their influencer marketing from start to finish.

What Challenges Does Carro Help Solve?

Carro helps brands find influencers and collaborate with them to get the most out of influencer marketing. Finding influencers can be a challenge, which is why Carro’s influencer discovery tool is so helpful. It will save you time combing through your fans and subscribers, and reveal all the influencers that already love your brand. Carro also makes communications easier than ever before with Quick Invites.

If you're unsure how to use Carro, they have resources like the Learning Hub and Notification Blog so that you can not only use Carro but become an influencer marketing expert.

What’s On The Roadmap?

Since Carro was launched in 2018, the product has continued to evolve. Initially, an influencer discovery tool, Carro has continually added features to meet the needs of their brand users. So far in 2019, Carro has launched their Quick Invite feature for one-click invitations to influencers, their Product Requests feature that allows influencers to shop the brand’s store and make requests, and a completely revamped dashboard that shows even more stats and metrics about each influencer.

And the product roadmap for the coming year includes some exciting updates, namely:

  • Additional integrations with email providers so that you can send influencer invites quickly, easily, and from your brand’s email address.
  • Tools for tracking the ROI of influencer marketing.
  • Promote influencer content via social ads with the click of a button.
  • Co-branding your marketing funnel with the influencers that you’ve partnered with.

Features Overview

To get an idea of how the Carro app works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you discover and collaborate with influencers. 

Influencer Discovery

Carro scans your store activity, email lists, and social profiles to find all of the influencers that are engaging with your brand.

carro dashboard
Your influencer dashboard includes key information to help you decide if an influencer is right for your brand.

Quick Invites

Customize your template and contact your influencers efficiently with one click through the Quick Invites feature.

quick invites with Carro
Quick Invites allows you to invite influencers to collaborate with one click, directly from Carro.

Product Requests

Carro lets your influencers shop for their favorite products directly from your store. The influencers will share how they’d like to collaborate, including what content they can make, then you can review each request and decide which are best for your brand. After you approve a request, the influencer’s order is fulfilled through your store.

product requests with Carro
Send products to your favorite influencers with Product Requests.

Carro vs GRIN

Carro and GRIN are both end-to-end influencer marketing platforms, but Carro is different because it is focused on creating genuine relationships between its brands and influencers. It doesn’t pair you with random influencers, instead, every influencer that appears in your brand’s dashboard is selected because that influencer has already shown interest in your brand. With GRIN, you get an inbox, but with Carro, you can send your invites in just one click.

Carro also integrates with your store so that influencer gifting is simple. It creates each order in Shopify so that you don’t have to. GRIN simply can’t compare.


  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Gmail


This tool is completely free and you can schedule a demo here.

Sarah Donawerth
By Sarah Donawerth

Sarah Donawerth is the content manager at GoVyrl, Inc, the creators of Carro. Carro is the #1 Shopify app for influencer marketing and helps brands discover all the influencers who already love them.