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There are seemingly countless sustainable packaging manufacturers available, so figuring out which is best for you is tough. You want packaging materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources, aiming to minimize waste and carbon footprint—but now need to figure out which supplier is the best fit. I've got you! In this post, I make things simple, leveraging my experience managing managing online commerce businesses to bring you this shortlist of the best sustainable packaging manufacturers overall.

What are Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers?

Sustainable packaging manufacturers are companies that specialize in creating packaging materials with minimal environmental impact. They focus on producing packaging that is either recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources, aiming to reduce waste and carbon emissions. These manufacturers cater to the increasing demand for eco-friendly packaging options in various industries.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers

Here’s a brief description of each sustainable packaging manufacturer to showcase each company’s best use case, some noteworthy features, screenshots, and pricing information.

Best for customized packaging

  • No free demo or trial
  • Customized price upon request

EarthPack provides various ecommerce packaging solutions which businesses can customize to fit their brand.

Why I picked EarthPack: If you need an organization that continuously offers the latest in sustainable packaging, EarthPack can become a significant partner to your business. Many companies use EarthPack to take advantage of their in-house design and distribution services to customize their ecommerce packaging. They can provide high-quality packaging products to meet your needs and can offer a significant amount of input and options for your business to choose from.

EarthPack works with businesses that are a part of the sustainability movement or are looking to implement eco-friendly packaging with their products. They have been creating sustainable packaging bags and boxes for more than 30 years. EarthPack offers various options for your business, such as mailers, packing tissue paper, bags, and to-order boxes.

Best naturally biodegradable alternative

  • Offers free samples for ecommerce businesses
  • From $19.75 for a ream of 480 sheets of 100% recycled tissue paper

EcoEnclose provides a wide range of eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging alternatives.

Why I picked EcoEnclose: The company provides 100% recycled and naturally biodegradable alternatives for packaging products such as shopping bags, labels, inner packaging materials, and boxes. EcoEnclose claims to have spearheaded the most significant efforts in sustainable packaging materials. Their community, known as EcoAllies, influenced many of the innovative products they provide, including paper made with ag waste and algae printing ink. Many of their innovations are now standard in the sustainable packaging industry.

EcoEnclose is for businesses that want to use circular and regenerative packaging. The company uses an in-depth decision-making process when choosing what to offer ecommerce businesses. EcoEnclose’s process for determining what sustainable packaging to provide includes whether the material is made from as much recycled content as possible and whether it can be widely recycled.

Best for recyclable packaging

  • Doesn’t offer any free samples
  • From $34.25 for their padded mailers

A New Earth Project uses high-level sustainability standards to ensure all its packaging products are 100% recyclable.

Why I picked A New Earth Project: A significant focus for A New Earth Project is to make packaging materials to be as easy for you to recycle as possible. This means they work to ensure your customers can place the material in a curbside recycling bin instead of taking them to a special drop-off location when they open their package. A New Earth Project prefers to have its packaging material to be recyclable instead of compostable because recycling means the material can stay in circulation during its highest and best use.

A New Earth Project is an excellent choice for businesses that prefer to use recyclable packaging rather than compostable. Not only does the organization offer sustainable packaging options such as bags, padded mailers, and protective bumpers, but they also provide equipment to help you manage and handle your packaging efficiently. The equipment options include dispensers and tape machines.

Best for compostable packaging

  • Offers a free variety pack of printed labels
  • From $3.33 for their compostable cellophane bags

Elevate Packaging provides high-quality compostable packaging options for environmentally friendly ecommerce brands.

Why I picked Elevate Packaging: The company is one of the best places for your brand to get entire compostable packaging and labeling products. Elevate Packaging offers the only certified compostable packaging labels in North America. All of the components that make their end products are composed of bio-resin and wood cellulose, which means the entire product is compostable.

Elevate Packaging is suitable for organizations that prefer to use compostable packaging products. They work with organizations in many various industries, such as fashion, food service, and wine and spirits. Elevate Packaging is also a one-stop solution for custom packaging that fits your brand.

Best for packaging consulting

  • Doesn’t provide any free trial information
  • Customized price upon request

Ranpak provides sustainable packaging consultations with experts that will help tailor solutions that match business requirements.

Why I picked Ranpak: You can work with a Ranpak consultant who will provide multiple eco-friendly packaging equipment options that work with your existing processes. During your conversation with one of the organization’s experts, they will analyze your current packaging materials and compare them to the equipment the Ranpak packaging engineers designed. Their advice will also include performance testing and analysis, material cost estimates, and new box specifications. After a consultation session, you’ll have a better understanding of how Ranpak will help you cut costs and reduce returned product rates due to damage.

Ranpak is suitable for organizations that work in the automotive, ecommerce, electronics, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, and medical supplies industries. The organization can further help you improve your environmental footprint and lower ownership costs through packaging automation equipment. Ranpak’s solutions include automated packaging manufacturing equipment that will speed up various operations in the packaging process.

Best for accessible, sustainable packaging

  • Doesn’t offer any free samples
  • From $45 for their stock shipping labels

Noissue helps as many businesses as possible get access to sustainable product packaging.

Why I picked Noissue: The company has a clear purpose of providing sustainable packaging solutions that are accessible to all businesses around the world. Noissue offers a wide range of sustainable packaging products, which they break down by compostable, reusable, and recyclable products. What makes their products more accessible is their low minimum order requirements, allowing you to get started right away.

Noissue is an excellent choice for businesses that want sustainable packaging they can easily customize. Your business can also add a QR code to your packaging and create a digital experience for customers. You can use your QR code to send customers to a microsite that will enable them to get to know your brand and product.

Best for molded pulp packaging

  • No free demo or trial
  • From $8/piece for their clamshell packaging

Sustainable Packaging Industries provides molded pulp packaging products for businesses’ immediate requirements.

Why I picked Sustainable Packaging Industries: This organization specializes in molded pulp packaging products for your shipping needs. Sustainable Packaging Industries designs and produces its products from a combination of fibrous materials, such as cardboard offcuts, recycled paper, or natural fibers like sugarcane, bamboo, or wheat straw. Sustainable Packaging Industries use a chemical-free pulping process to create their products and waste no water. Also, all scraps in the manufacturing process are put back into the pulp mix, making this a truly eco-friendly option.

Sustainable Packaging Industries is an excellent option for businesses that need a solution that provides excellent blocking, bracing, and cushioning protection for their products. The packaging products from Sustainable Packaging Industries aren’t affected by extreme temperatures and are water resistant. The company can also create custom packaging items to meet your product’s specifications.

Best for post-consumer paper-based packaging

  • Doesn’t provide any free sample information
  • From $5.72/package for their satin ribbon multipack

Paper Mart offers over 26,000 post-consumer paper-based packaging products for businesses.

Why I picked Paper Mart: Since 1921, Paper Mart has become one of the largest post-consumer, paper-based packaging supply organizations. They provide a broad collection of eco-friendly packaging such as corrugated boxes, shopping bags, packaging peanuts, and jewelry boxes. Paper Mart also uses water-based and algae-based inks for their printing products.

Paper Mart is an excellent choice for businesses that operate in industries such as jewelry, floral, bath and cosmetics, dispensary, and retail industries. The organization offers a custom design studio that allows you to create packaging products with your logo and company name. You can also upload your own artwork or use point-and-click tools to create brand-new imagery to add to your packaging.

Best for food and cosmetic product packaging

  • Doesn’t offer any free samples
  • Customized price upon request

Gualapack focuses on developing safe and hygienic packaging for food and cosmetic products that is 100% sustainable.

Why I picked Gualapack: If you sell food or cosmetic products, you can work with Gualapack to get sustainable packaging to send your products to customers. Gualapack’s sustainable food and cosmetic packaging options will offer you bio-based and compostable packaging solutions. They specialize in high-performance, flexible packaging and continuously work to optimize environmental and societal impacts with their packaging products.

Gualapack is suitable for organizations that are in the food and cosmetic industries that are searching for innovative, flexible packaging. They provide pre-made, spouted, and stand-up pouch packaging options for products such as infant nutrition, baby food, food, and non-food applications. Gualapack also offers a line of filling machines for those who need new equipment for their filling process line.

Best for package design and production

  • Doesn’t provide any free trial information
  • Customized price upon request

Ernest Packaging helps businesses ensure product protection remains high through their robust package design and production services.

Why I picked Ernest Packaging: Through Ernest Packaging’s package design and production capabilities, you can find a quicker and more efficient way to form packages on your production line. To make your packaging more sustainable, Ernest Packaging can help you create a package form that uses less material or material that’s 100% recyclable. Their team will review your entire packaging process and identify how your business can reduce costs.

Ernest Packaging is suitable for businesses that currently develop their own packaging and need ways to make their process more sustainable. Ernest Packaging will test and validate the designs they propose with your product in mind to ensure your packaging meet your structural integrity needs and is eco-friendly. They can work with you and your team to help ensure that your packaging is sustainable and can weather unpredictable conditions throughout the shipping cycle.

The Best Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers Summary

Tools Price
EarthPack Customized price upon request
EcoEnclose From $19.75 for a ream of 480 sheets of 100% recycled tissue paper
A New Earth Project From $34.25 for their padded mailers
Elevate Packaging From $3.33 for their compostable cellophane bags
Ranpak Customized price upon request
Noissue From $45 for their stock shipping labels
Sustainable Packaging Industries From $8/piece for their clamshell packaging
Paper Mart From $5.72/package for their satin ribbon multipack
Gualapack Customized price upon request
Ernest Packaging Customized price upon request
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Other Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers Options

Here are a few more options that didn’t make the best sustainable packaging manufacturers list:

  1. The Better Packaging Co.

    Best for using ocean-bound plastic

  2. Botanical PaperWorks

    Best for eco-friendly seed paper

  3. PakFactory

    Best for paperboard packaging products

  4. Notpla

    Best for advanced packaging made from seaweed

  5. Air Sea Containers

    Best for air pillow packaging

  6. Uline

    Best selection of sustainable packaging products

  7. Sealed Air

    Best for recycled bubble wrap and content pillows

  8. Rocket Industrial

    Best for water-dissolvable packing peanuts

  9. Tiny Box Company

    Best for eco-friendly gift boxes

  10. Puffy Stuff

    Best for all-natural, high-density packing peanuts

How I Selected the Best Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers

This list of the best sustainable packaging manufacturers was a bit trickier than my usual stuff. Why? Well, I usually research and source digital ecommerce tools and software. That means they have robust feature sets that I can sift through, as well as video tutorials and user reviews. 

With sustainable packaging manufacturers, I had to get a bit creative. I started by looking for sustainable packaging manufacturers that had a clean and smart online presence. No scrappy websites that look like they were designed in the 90’s. Then, I considered customer reviews, pricing schemas, offerings, and the availability of their customer support team to narrow down my top 20 picks. 

With years of experience in ecommerce, I can get a pretty good sense of how companies in this sphere operate based on that criteria. 

Selection Criteria

Here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best sustainable packaging manufacturers for this article:

Customer Service:

The sustainable packaging organization you choose to do business with should demonstrate how they align with your green goals and how they can help you get there. After setting your sustainability goals, it’s essential to work with a vendor who can help your business get there and answer questions when issues arise. I look for sustainable packaging manufacturing organizations with a robust customer service team that is readily available to help your business and resolve any difficulties your company is experiencing.

Product Types:

The sustainable packaging manufacturer you choose to work with should provide different types of eco-friendly options. However, some may focus on one specific industry, such as fashion or food service. So, I look for organizations that offer a comprehensive product range so you can order all types of packaging from one source and manufacturers that provide packaging products that focus on specific, major industries.


As more and more countries impose taxes on single-use products, sourcing sustainable packaging manufacturers and getting an idea of their pricing will be crucial. The final price you pay for sustainable packaging is also beneficial when using shipping software to get the final shipping price to charge your customers. You can stay ahead of any policy, legislation, and taxation updates by researching pricing and the potential increase in sales when customers learn your business works with sustainable packaging. So, I look for sustainable packaging organizations that provide eco-friendly options and accessible pricing for all ecommerce businesses.

People Also Ask

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is composed of materials that have less environmental impact compared to non-sustainable alternatives such as single-use plastics. Many incorrectly assume sustainable packaging only focuses on recyclable or biodegradable materials. However, it also involves every stage of the packaging lifecycle, from sourcing to customer and disposal to reduce waste.

What are the Benefits of Sustainable Packaging?

  • Decreases Carbon Footprint: The most significant benefit of sustainable packaging is in relation to protecting the environment. Because eco-friendly packaging is usually composed of biodegradable, recycled material, it will decrease your carbon footprint by reducing the waste of natural resources.
  • More Storage Space: Sustainable packaging can enable your brand to have more storage space available. This space includes transport space, allowing you to ship more products than normal while reducing freight costs.
  • Expands Customer Base: The increase in sustainability trends means that customers want to interact with and buy from organizations that implement sustainable practices and goals. This makes sustainability crucial for established or startup businesses.
  • More Versatility: Sustainable packaging’s versatility means you can repurpose and reuse it, especially in major industries that use traditional packaging. It’s more beneficial than standard packaging as it’s not limited to how many times it can be used.
  • Reduces Transportation Costs: Sourcing excellent quality, sustainable packaging means your business will use less of it. This will translate into an overall reduction in transportation costs.
  • Toxin and Allergen-Free: Many of your consumers might be concerned with the packaging material your business uses and its impact on their health and well-being. Sustainable packaging is free of toxins and allergens, enabling customers to live healthy lives.

What are the 3 Types of Sustainable Packaging?

  • Recyclable: This is packaging that consists of materials that other individuals or organizations can use again, usually after processing. Recyclable materials include metal, paper, glass, and specific plastics – the most common form of recyclable packaging being corrugated cardboard.
  • Biodegradable: Packaging materials that can break down in the soil or atmosphere are considered to be biodegradable. Some materials, such as glass and metals, can break down over time, but the most common biodegradable packaging is paper material, such as card and corrugated.
  • Compostable: Compostable packaging will break down naturally when left in the right environment. Unlike plastic packaging, compostable materials are made from organic materials that break down over a reasonable time and don’t leave behind any toxic or harmful particles.
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Increasing Brand Awareness with Sustainable Packaging

Customer buying behaviors and attitudes regarding sustainability are convincing ecommerce businesses to implement eco-friendly packaging in their product offerings. You can enhance brand loyalty and increase sales when you provide what customers expect in your packaging. The sustainable packing manufacturers listed above will help your organization as the constant increase in societal demand for sustainable packaging options grows, resulting in pushing your business ahead and beyond your current goals.

If you want to take a deeper dove into the innovations of sustainable packaging or other ecommerce technology and advice. The Ecomm Manager newsletter can help you learn the latest in ecommerce business tools and provide the best advice from top professionals in the field.

By Francois Marchand

Francois Marchand is passionate about helping and educating business leaders, ecommerce professionals, and digital marketers grow their skill sets to stay ahead of the competition. Francois holds a BA Specialization in Communication Studies & Journalism from Concordia University (Montreal, QC) and 20+ years of experience in ecommerce, marketing, traditional and digital media, and public relations, including The Vancouver Sun, National Post, CBC/Radio-Canada, Unbounce, and Vancouver Film School.