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There are a lot of sparing backup services accessible for individual and small business users and JustCloud is a solid alternative to those choices. It allows you to choose from three different account levels so chances are, you can discover a bundle that meets your needs for backing up all the files on your computer. Should you go ahead and purchase a backup account? Here’s the information you need to determine if JustCloud is just the right service for you.


JustCloud is a piece of the Just Develop It! group of Backup storage brands that offers web facilitating and online backup services. As the name suggests, there aren't a great deal of frills with their products but they do offer simple and affordable services for the individual or very small business user. According to the organization, they offer “premium products and budget prices”.

JDI Backup is also the parent company to similar brands MyPCBackup, Backup Genie, and ZipCloud.

It’s easy to start a free trial account and see how JustCloud works before committing to a longer-term. The free account allows you 15MB of storage – not a lot of space, but enough to try transferring a few files.

But First, Is Backing Up Files Easy with JustCloud?

On the off chance that you store the vast majority of your documents in your machine's "My Documents" folder, JustCloud already has an option to select that folder and similar ones, such as “My Pictures”.It then naturally duplicates them to your online cloud distributed storage. It will also automatically schedule daily backups. This is an easy process for any user.


There are several different ways you can add new files to your online storage. The first is just as depicted above; simply set the program to automatically backup on a regular basis and it will do just that for you. The second route is to use the “drag and drop” feature, where you can simply drag files from your computer into the program when it is open on your desktop. The third path is to access your account online and drag and drop files into your Sync folder.

In order to see which files have been backed up, or to restore those files, or to sync them so they are available on other devices, you must access your online account. That happens automatically when you click on the “My Files”, “Restore” or “Sync Folder” tabs of the program.

From the “Setup” tab (shown above), you can adjust the backup schedule, change or add file folders and types to the backup selection and configure security settings. By selecting “Volume Shadow Copy”, even files that are currently in use when the backup starts will be transferred to your online storage. You can also set parameters for the amount of system resources to use during a backup and indicate that you don’t want backups to start unless your computer is idle.

JustCloud allows you to back up photos, documents, .pdfs, music, video, and email. It is preset with the following file types automatically excluded from backups: LNK, WAB~, VMC, VHD, VO1, VO2, VSV, VUD, VMDK, VMSN, VMSD, HDD, VDI, VMWAREVM, NVRAM, VMX, VMEM, ISO, DMG, SPARSEIMAGE, DL_, WIM, LOG, DB. If you do want to include these files, you must first remove them from this list, using “Settings/File Types“.

24×7 Phone & Email Support

Online help is offered via emails, a catalog of video tutorials, FAQs, demos, and a JustCloud user community. Unfortunately, there is no technical support available through the telephone. The telephone support is only to provide help with billing, unrecognized charges, and renewal enquiries. If you encounter a technical issue, the support email will be:

File Sharing Made Simple with JustCloud

Need to collaborate or share files with colleagues, friends or family members? You can click on the “share” option at the folder or file level to add an email address that allows others to access your online storage space. Alternatively, you can click on “share” and create a public URL for access to a single file. You can also post directly to social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest – a nice feature if you enjoying posting lots of photos.

JustCloud offers a mobile app you can download. This allows you to access files from any of your mobile devices, such as a tablet or smartphone. Supported devices include iOS, Android, Kindle, and Blackberry. If you have additional computers, Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are supported and you can add devices to your account, including an external hard drive, although we couldn’t tell exactly how many devices you can have on a single account. Separate licenses are required to back up files from additional computers other than the one where the software was originally installed.

If you simply have a personal computer and a mobile device, then JustCloud will work just fine for you and you can easily select the amount of storage space you need from the account options listed. The control panel is user friendly and you can simply set it and forget it. However, for business or commercial applications, a more robust backup plan is recommended. Below is the round-up and do check out JustCloud at their site.

Summary: Here are a few advantages of using JustCloud:

  • 24/7 customer support via email or phone
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Drag & drop backup features
  • Operating systems are widely supported (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry)
  • Easily sharable files
  • User-friendly control panel

But, the disadvantages of JustCloud include:

  • Inability to restore entire folder – It has to be done 1 file by 1 file
  • Download & upload speed is merely acceptable.

Once again, for the casual, personal computer user, JustCloud works perfectly to back up a few files and cherished photos. Looking at their inexpensive price, it’s surprising how JustCloud manages to offer so much. If any of their disadvantages bother you much, I suggest you check out our business-use cloud storage for more advanced features (for example SugarSync). Otherwise, do sign up JustCloud’s free trial and try them for 14 days.

By Michael Cristancho

I'm a Digital Commerce and Experience evangelist who enjoys engaging in thought-provoking conversation and mutual exploration. I am a strong believer that learning never ends, and each day brings another opportunity to grow as an individual and professional.