10 Best RetailOps Software In 2020

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best retail management system software and other web retailing tools.

The online retail business is booming. It seems like every hobbyist has an e-shop or is using some sort of retail POS software. This tells us two things: 1) there’s no excuse to not have functioning online retail stores for your business, and 2) there’s more need to have a competent retailing system so that you can stand out.

In this post, I’ll highlight a few of the best retail management solutions and explain what retail management systems can do for your online retail industry. I will also answer some FAQs about different shop data systems and tell you what you should look for in retail management software.

Compare & Evaluate the 10 Best Retail Information Systems

Inventory, eCommerce CRM, point-of-sales—what tools do you need most from your retail ops software? Hopefully, you will find something fitting below.

The Best Retail Management Solution List

Here’s a shortlist of the best retailer reports and tools:

  1. Square
  2. RetailOps
  3. Springboard Retail
  4. Shopkeep
  5. Vend
  6. Rain
  7. Lightspeed
  8. PHP POS
  9. ERPLY
  10. Openbravo

Retail Intelligence Software FAQ

Below, I’ve answered some commonly asked questions about retail ops software.

What is Retail Ops?

Retail Ops (not to be confused with RetailOps, which is a brand name) stands for “Retail Operations” and is a term used to describe any and all processes required to keep a store up-and-running. This may include supply chain management, store layout documentation, cash operations, physical and digital inventory, data management, promotion and pricing details, and people management.

How much does retail software cost?

Retail software varies in price, depending on what features you want and how many employees or users and included on the account. On average, you can expect to pay between nothing (free to download/have) and $2500 for a license. Many retail POS systems will also charge per transaction, anywhere from 2-33% or $0.10+ per purchase, et cetera.

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Overviews of the Top Retail Store Software

Here’s a brief description of each retail software item that is featured on this top 10 list.

1. Square – Square POS is a free-to-download retail ops app with real-time sales data and intuitive inventory tools that only charges per transaction.

Square POS Retail Ops Software screenshot
Store inventory data and sell on-the-spot.

2. RetailOps – Managing all of your technology solutions with a system able to track orders, KPIs, sales channels, product details, and warehousing.

Retail Ops Software screenshot
Search your products for the item you need.

3. Springboard Retail – Part of the Heartland POS products, this is an omnichannel POS system that is user-friendly, accessible, and data-driven.

Springboard Retail software screenshot
Check sales data like average transaction value.

4. ShopKeep – A one-stop-shop for POS software, payments hardware, credit card processing, automated inventory management, and CMS.

ShopKeep Retail Ops Software screenshot
Analytics dashboard tracks net sales and more.

5. Vend – A multi-outlet POS and inventory platform with real-time reporting, eCommerce integrations, automatic low stock reordering, and label printing.

Vend Software screenshot
Create marketplaces and upload inventory.

6. Rain – Retail ops software with cloud-based point-of-sale tools, eCommerce websites, email and text marketing, and rental capabilities.

Rain POS Retail Ops Software screenshot
POS tools with marketing baked-in.

7. Lightspeed – Operations software for retail and/or restaurants with features for POS, loyalty, and CRM, merchant services, and eCommerce.

Lightspeed Software screenshot
Featuring a variety of inventory management tools.

8. PHP POS – Sync with apps that you already use like QuickBook, Square, and Woocommerce and access your books on any PC or mobile device.

PHP POS Retail Ops Software screenshot
UX sample on two different devices.

9. ERPLY – Streamline your retail and inventory workflows using their free stocktaking and count, invoicing and business dashboard apps.

ERPLY Software screenshot
Manage customer details, like reward points.

10. Openbravo – A single cloud platform for agile omnichannel execution of retail POS, OMG, CRM, and clienteling, merchandising, and inventory.

Openbravo Retail Ops Software screenshot
Procurement management, transactions, and more.


Other Retail Automation Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list. If you need additional suggestions for a handy retailing information system, check these out. If you need further details on retail inventory management specifically, you should check out my warehouse management system software suggestions.

  1. HCL Commerce – Designed to enable agile commerce at scale for enterprise companies.
  2. SPS Commerce – Retail automation with everything from EDI to full-scale retail change management.
  3. Retail Zipline – A one-stop-shop for communications that HQ and field teams understand, used by LUSH and LEGO.
  4. DataTrans – An online payment solution with a flexible platform and the freedom to choose any financial partner.
  5. Cin7 – A cloud-based inventory management system for growing multi-channel businesses.
  6. TrueCommerce – Tools for EDI, inventory management, fulfillment, digital storefronts, and digital marketplaces.

What Do You Think About These Retail Info Systems?

Have you tried out a retail data field portal listed above? What retail sales data tools do you use on a regular basis? Is there any retail analytics software that you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments.


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