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What is Chargebee? We help you manage your subscription services by letting you focus on delighting your customers with a seamless experience while scaling your subscription strategy. Let’s take a look at what issues we solve and how it stacks up against the competition. 

What Is Chargebee?

Chargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management tool that helps subscription businesses streamline their Revenue Operations (RevOps). RevOps may seem like just another thing to add to your plate, but it’s a way of breaking down silos, fixing operational inefficiencies, and driving alignment across your organization.

Our objective is to power the fastest-growing subscription-based companies in the world. They’re able scale easier by:

  • Managing recurring billing and subscriptions seamlessly
  • Supporting hybrid business models
  • Enabling expansion of global footprint
  • Automating self-serve workflows for all use-cases.

Founded in 2010, we have four official offices but more than 500 home offices, with employees working across 21 time zones. We pride ourselves on enabling customers and partners to maximize their growth potential. We value curiosity, empathy, action, and customer-centricity. We recently became a unicorn with the latest round of funding, tripling their valuation in six months (we’re now worth $1.4 billion!). 

Who is Chargebee For?

Chargebee is for any organization that is looking to grow its business through subscription management, recurring payments, and globalized subscriptions. An example is natural superfood tablets company, Superfoods Company, which used our product to boost their revenue growth 4x in 12 months, or the U.K.-based sandwich shop, Pret-a-Manger, which shifted strategies to adopt a subscription model. We power businesses of all sizes from so many different industries and niches, including: 

Whether you’re just starting out, or you're an enterprise company looking to expand or streamline your business, we can help.

What Challenges Does Chargebee Help Solve?

We help organizations interested in growing their revenue through the automation of subscription services. We offer:  

  • An end-to-end customer experience by automating checkout and subscription management
  • A solution ready to plug into your existing technology stack
  • Secure automation and customization of your subscription management 
  • Scalability, even as your business grows and increases in complexity
  • The ability to gain insights from a multitude of metrics related to your subscriptions and customers (with some customers even reporting 50% less time spent in reconciling statistics before joining Chargebee). Some sample metrics dashboards are below: 
Accounts Receivable Aging Report Screenshot

Accounts receivable aging report.
Net MRR Growth Screenshot
Net MRR growth chart.
Net MRR Growth Chart Screenshot
Total MRR chart.
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Chargebee Features Overview

To get an idea of how our product works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you deliver a world-class customer experience, drive recurring revenue, streamline your catalog, manage your subscriptions, retain customers, and get the best reporting and analytics to make the right decisions for your business.

1. Best-in-class Check-out with Support for One-time Purchases

We enable a secure, slick, and frictionless payment experience to optimize conversions. Chargebee checkout is flexible—you can offer guest checkout, free trial checkout with or without credit card details, and offer multiple payment methods.

Example of the customization checkout portal Screenshot
An example of the customization on our checkout portal.

Our PCI-compliant checkout also helps you tap into additional revenue streams by handling one-time purchases, along with recurring payments, elegantly without having to write a single line of code.

Chargebee Checkout Supports Payments Screenshot
Our checkout supports one-time as well as recurring payments.

2. Customizable Customer Portals

Our customizable self-serve customer portals empower customers by giving them the ability to update addresses, card details, changes to existing plans, add-ons, and upgrades, all within your app.

Chargebee customization on self service portal Screenshot
An example of the customization on Chargebee’s self-service portal.

3. Scalable and Lean Product Catalog 

Wondering how to streamline your multi-product offerings? Our product catalog does just that - and more. You can maintain a lean catalog by mapping add-ons, charges, currency, and billing frequency to each plan. This scalable product catalog saves you tons of time and effort. But that’s not all, it also helps open new revenue streams by enabling you to launch new plans and pricing strategies faster.

4. Gift Subscriptions

What’s better than a gift? A gift that one can receive all year long! With Chargebee, your customers can easily send gift subscriptions in a few clicks. The recipients can claim the gift right from their inboxes. Moreover, you can make it really hard for your customers to say ‘No’ by adding some seasonal discounts and coupons to the mix.

Gift Subscriptions workflow Screenshot
Our  simple gift subscription workflow.

5. Support for Mobile Subscriptions

Whether you are becoming a mobile-first business, or already are one, we’re your partner in growth. With Chargebee, you can build a completely secure, versatile, and customizable mobile-ready checkout within minutes. The mobile-ready payment solutions and an in-app checkout help you maximize your conversions.

Chargebee mobile ready checkout Screenshot
Chargebee’s mobile-ready checkout.

6. Billing Automation 

Billing automation is at the forefront of making your recurring review work better for you and your customers—regardless of where they are or what currency they’re using. It lets you eliminate all those manual errors that could potentially pop up in your ledger and removes the need to rely on developers to make changes. Those are just some of the features, but you can also: 

  • Customize your Billing: Likely, your billing logic can get complicated as you scale, but with our platform, you can set up a billing logic that just makes sense to your business. Whether you’re billing customers on a specific date or any other custom data, the automated billing processes can help streamline everything. 
Chargebee Customized Billing Automation Screenshot
How your subscription billing customization will look.
  • Customize Tax Compliant Invoices: This allows you to provide your customers - offline and online - with detailed line items, tax details, and a highly customizable look and feel that will evoke your brand every time. 
Chargebee Customizable Invoices Screenshot
An example of customizable invoices.

7. Recurring Payments Across the Globe 

Our recurring payments feature allows you to expand your global footprint by offering 23+ payment gateway integrations and supporting 100+ currencies. If you’re interested in learning more about what gateways are available, check out the payment gateway evaluator tool! Our checkout also supports multiple languages. Moreover, the accounting and tax features let you scale globally with ease while complying with global regulations.

9. Reporting and Analytics 

Last but certainly not least is the report and analytics feature. It allows you to use that single source of truth instead of having to jump around to create reports or calculate your MRR. You will be able to better monitor what’s happening with all of your customers and where they may be churning - that way, you can actively diagnose the issue. For example, you can reduce involuntary churn with the Smart Dunning feature.

Chargebee Churn breakdown table Screenshot
An example of a churn breakdown table.

Chargebee vs. Recurly

Chargebee and Recurly are both subscription management and recurring billing platforms, but Chargebee is different from Recurly because we’re focused on the growth of your organization and the ease of use of the product. We pride ourselves on being easily accessible to organizations at all levels - from onboarding to configuration to customization (including coupons, billing cycles), we offer white-glove assistance to you and your organization. 

We’re ready to help you with everything you need, from growth to customization.

Chargebee vs Recurly comparison chart Screenshot
Chargebee vs. Recurly chart.

Chargebee Integrations

For an eCommerce business offering subscriptions, Chargebee becomes the data center that holds payment information, subscription plan details, and fulfillment information. Chargebee can achieve this with powerful eCommerce integrations such as:

  1. BigCommerce Integration: With this pre-built integration, B2C and B2B merchants selling through the BigCommerce platform can take advantage of Chargebee's subscription infrastructure, fuel recurring revenue streams, and optimize the value of their subscriptions.
  1. ShipStation Integration: Chargebee’s integration with ShipStation streamlines your operations and helps you keep track of order updates, changes to payment details, and order statuses in order to recognize revenue accurately.

Additionally, we offer a large variety of integrations for everything from accounting to CRM. It’s a lot, so we’ve sorted them out for you.

FinanceReporting and AnalyticsMarketing and Sales
● Avalara 
● Xero 
● QuickBooks Online 
● Softrax 
● TaxJar 
● Sage Intacct 
● Oracle NetSuite
● Google Analytics
● ChartMogul
● ProfitWell
● Baremetrics
● Stitch Data
● Mailchimp
● Refersion
● Friendbuy 
● FirstPromoter 
● ReferralCandy
● Zapier 
● LeadDyno 
● HubSpot
● Active Campaign
● Klaviyo
● GetAccept
● Salesforce
● Pipedrive
CollaborationCustomer Support and Success
● Slack 
● PieSync 
● Moxtra 
● Intercom Inbox 
● Intercom
● Freshdesk 
● Zendesk 
● Groove 
● Natero

Chargebee Pricing

We do have a free version - the Launch model (for early-stage start-ups) - and pricing for businesses that are just starting their growth journey all the way to custom Enterprise tier solutions. Check out our pricing below (in USD), and if you’re ready to learn more, head over to their pricing page

Chargebee pricing Screenshot
Chargebee's pricing.

 Interested in getting started? Sign up for free, or check out the free demo here

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