How Is Product Data Constructed In Magento (Product Attributes, Inventory, Price, Image, Etc.?)

How is product data constructed in Magento (product attributes, inventory, price, image, etc.?)

  1. Products are constructed using specific attributes, which are text fields within the database.  You can have a text field, text area, dropdown, and many more input types.
  2. Inventory is held within the individual product (SKU as the unique identifier).  You can manage the product stock qty, minimum/maximum amount of inventory that can be purchased at one time, backorders, and quantity steps/increments.
  3. Prices are held within individual simple products.   You have group pricing for specific customer groups, special prices (for sales discounts per product), tier pricing for step pricing (buy 10 get $1 off each), and add tax rules.
  4. Images are held per product.  You can add many images for small, base, and thumbnail images.

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