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Replenishable items are a powerful driver for repeat business. Replenishment products paired with effective email marketing campaigns drive customer loyalty, retention, and consistent revenue. Whether you are selling toothpaste or ink cartridges, there are many ways to build out a successful replenishment campaign to drive re-orders from your customers.  Your goal is to anticipate your customers’ needs through an automated replenishment email at the right time in the product lifecycle. This can be done in a number of ways: unique customer purchasing behavior, average customer usage, and even time that one thinks it should take to use a specific product. This guide will walk through two options for creating Replenishment Campaigns.

Option 1: for retailers who carry many replenishable items that customers tend to purchase together

Option 2: for retailers with a few replenishable items, and/or carry replenishable items that aren’t generally purchased together.

Windsor Circle provides the data integrations and services that a growing number of retailers and eCommerce businesses rely on to power their replenishment campaigns. We do so by connecting a merchant’s eCommerce platform (for example, Magento) to their MailChimp email marketing account.

In this “Replenish” Playbook, we’ll show you:

  • Case studies of successful campaigns
  • How to set up an automated Product

Replenishment Campaign

  • Best practices and examples

…so you can replenish the ranks!

Open PDF - Windsor Circle MailChimp Guide Replenish

By Michael Cristancho

I'm a Digital Commerce and Experience evangelist who enjoys engaging in thought-provoking conversation and mutual exploration. I am a strong believer that learning never ends, and each day brings another opportunity to grow as an individual and professional.

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