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What marketing and merchandising features are available only in Magento EE?

  1. CMS+ (Enhanced Content Management System)
    • Build complex content pages with an easy to use WYSIWYG editor; insert rich content; create menus and page hierarchy for CMS pages; control publishing privileges
  2. Rich Merchandising Suite (RMS)
    • Target your marketing efforts to your customers and increase conversion rates - suggest products, set up automated rule-based product selection and marketing banners based on customer segment
  3. Private (Club) Sales including Events, Invitations, and Site access permissions
    • Restrict catalog access; allow customers and admin users to create invitations; create events like “limited time sales”
  4. Gift Registries
    • Increase revenue and capture valuable customer data; customize settings for your products and customers; enable searches by registry owner’s name, email, or gift registry ID; privacy settings
  5. Dynamic Customer Database (Attribute) Management
    • Improve sales and marketing efforts; customer account and address attributes are managed by the Magento Admin interface, then used to create customized marketing campaigns and customer profiles
  6. Content Staging
    • Create a staging site to test new categories, product information, promotions, and more; content can be merged to the live site after approval - on-demand or scheduled
  7. Search with SOLR
    • Performance and search quality are improved with layered navigation and features like spelling/synonyms/stop words and weighted attributes
  8. Full Page Cache
    • Enhance performance with caching of primary pages (excluding personalized information) for all users, including session users; caching of content for category, product, and CMS pages
  9. Automated Email Marketing Reminders
    • Increase customer retention through sending configurable, automated email reminders to customers for abandoned shopping carts and wishlists; target promotions and discounts to customers based on browsing activity
  10. Assisted Shopping (manage a customers cart via admin panel)
    • Customer Service Representatives can manage products and coupons in customers’ shopping carts and wishlists from the Customer account screen in the admin panel
  11. Advanced Administrator Roles; Logging
    • Leverage multi-store functionality to create multiple sites; restrict access roles so that staff view only relevant data; track and review all administrator action
  12. Limited Category Visibility
    • Restrict catalog access to certain customers with the ability to restrict on a category, or global basis, the viewing and purchasing of items.
  13. PCI Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) Complaint, strong data encryption
    • Magento Secure Payment Bridge is a PA-DSS certified payment application, enabling merchants to minimize efforts and efficiently attain PCI compliance
  14. Rewards Points
    • Implement unique programs designed to enhance user experience and increase customer loyalty; points awarded based on a wide range of transactions and customer actions; managed through the back end
  15. Gift certificates/Gift Card
    • Customers can purchase physical and virtual gift certificates/cards; can include a personal message with the purchase
  16. Customer Store Credit
    • Create and tie store credits to customer accounts; orders can be refunded for store credit; customers can use the credit to purchase items during checkout
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