Magento Sample Questions – #1

What is the fastest way to create a Magento t-shirt product that doesn’t need two inventories, need two individual SKUs, and the only configurable selection will be a different color of t-shirt?

  1. Two simple products, and associate them to a configurable product
  2. Create one simple product, and add a custom option for a dropdown of “color”.
  3. Create a simple product and allow the customer to email customer service for the color of their choice.
  4. There is no way to do this within the Magento Enterprise stock functionality.

Answer #2.

Notice that the question says “What is the FASTEST way”, and that is how they look to trip you up on the test.   Also notice that the text says they don’t care about individual inventory (which should never be the case, but whatever) and they don’t need different SKUs.  This clearly shows you the answer they are going for is 1 simple product with custom options.

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