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Magento Developer Exam
What Is The Responsibility Of Front Controller?

Q. What is the responsibility of the Front Controller?

Directly receive the request from the browser.
All requests call the function Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Front::dispatch()
- URL rewriting process.
- Load the module and action controller corresponding with the requests through routers to process the requirements which are sent from clients.

Collect routers: admin, standard, default.
Use the function match() of routers to define the module and controller that are requested.
Call the function dispatch() of the controller requested.
Call the action requested.
- Return HTML for browser

Call the function sendResponse() of Mage_Core_Model_Response_Http (extend from Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract).
Call the function sendHeaders() – use the header() function of PHP.
Call the function outputBody() to show the whole content of the body part:
echo implode(”, $this->_body);

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