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Magento Developer Certification Pass Guide

Magento Developer Certification Pass Guide

Hi wannabe Magento Certified Developers, here are the answers we prepared to help you for solving the Study Guide’s confusing questions. If you don’t already have Study Guide, go get it here.

Please note that by preparing this you are not going to pass the exam, it’s just intended as a last day revision. You SHOULD go through each question yourself and dig into the Magento code base in order to pass this exam. This is JUST to make your life easier while you are stuck on some questions and want a backup for a straight answer. Although we don’t guarantee 100% correct answers for these questions, you should be good to have it.

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  1. What is the DDL class in Magento?
  2. Which classes and files should be checked if a link to a custom javascript file isn’t being rendered on a page?
  3. Which product types exist in Magento?
  4. Which product types are implemented as part of the Mage_Catalog module, and which are not?
  5. Which database tables are shared between product types, and which ones are specific to one product type?
  6. How do the different product types handle price calculation?
  7. Which indexing processes does the product type influence?
  8. Which product types implement a parent-child relationship between product entities?
  9. What are total models responsible for in Magento?
  10. How and when does Magento load the base configuration, the module configuration, and the database configuration?
  11. How does Magento process requests that cannot be mapped?
  12. After a matching action controller is found, what steps occur before the action method is executed?
  13. What is the difference regarding module loading between Mage::run() and Mage::app()?
  14. How are layout xml directives processed?
  15. Which ways exist to specify the layout update handles that will be processed during a request?
  16. Which class is responsible for sending output?
  17. What is the responsibility of Front Controller?
  18. How to pass variables from layout to block?
  19. Which events are associated with sending output?
  20. How and where does Magento differentiate between install, upgrade, and downgrade scripts?
  21. Which is the base setup class for flat table entities, and which one the base for EAV entities?
  22. When does Magento decide which store view to use, and when is the current locale set?
  23. When are the request and response objects initialized?
  24. Which ways exist in Magento to add router classes?
  25. How does the framework discover active modules and their configuration?
  26. Explain how Magento loads and manipulates configuration information?
  27. What are the common methods with which the framework accesses its configuration values and areas?
  28. Which class runs total models processing?
  29. What configuration parameters are available for event observers?
  30. What is the structure of event observers, and how are properties accessed therein?
  31. What configuration parameters are available for cron jobs?
  32. Explain lifecycle of a Magento Block?
  33. What is the difference between payment method and payment classes (such as order_payment, quote_payment, etc.)?
  34. What is the difference between “pay” and “capture” operations?