Magento Certified Solution Specialist Exam Study Guide – #1 Overview

Finally! an exam for Business Professionals
The exam is designed to test your knowledge of:
Magento Community 1.8
Magento Enterprise 1.13 and potentially 1.14
eCommerce trends
Typical merchant issues and requests
Professional that should take the test:
Project & Account Managers, Business Analysts, QA Testers, UX and Web Designers, eCommerce consultants, and even merchants.

“Front of the Line” Magento Community and Enterprise knowledge.
A digital/eCommerce professional with deep knowledge of business.
An efficiency expert.
Someone that is dedicated to learning and hones their craft.

Computer-based test
66 multiple-choice questions; however 6 are thrown out.
These generally question Magento phases in.
90 Minutes to complete the exam
Professional test-taking facilities only
Versions: 1.8 and 1.13

Contents of the Exam:
General eCommerce Knowledge
Magento architecture
Elements of a Magento site
How to reach goals using Magento (within a business)

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