Magento 2 Product Import Template – Additional Attributes Column Hack

Anyone that has worked on the backend of Magento 1 importing products knows that Magento 2 has rewritten the book on how you import in custom product attributes in the Product CSV file.  Where Magento 1 used to allow a columnar approach where you could do 1 column for each piece of information (see below)

Custom Product Attribute 1
 Custom Product Attribute 2
Custom Product Attribute 3
Attribute 1 Value 1 Attribute 2 Value1 Attribute 3 Value1
Attribute 1 Value 2 Attribute 2 Value2 Attribute 3 Value2

Magento 2 does not allow that individual column (per attribute) approach, but rather a single area called “additional_attributes” that is used for all your custom Magento 2 product attributes.

Now, if you have a web developer on staff this won’t be any issue because developers can write code to bring together your old format with the new format.  However, if you are an owner operator or don’t have a web developer available it may be difficult or time consuming for you to match the new format of the Additional Attributes field.

I have created a template that does all the heavy lifting for you and all you have to do is update the Google Sheet with your own store’s information information.

View The Google Drive Sheet Document Here

To make your own copy of my sheet go to File and click Make A Copy.  You will need your own Google account to do this.


When you are done with that additional attributes field copy the row and PASTE SPECIAL into your Magento Product Import CSV.  Sample Product CSV here.


3 Replies to “Magento 2 Product Import Template – Additional Attributes Column Hack”

  1. Sorry but this is NOT a good solution and as a developer, no, it’s not “easy”. When you make a task in 1 second and then you have to make 10 additional steps and consume 1 minute per custom attribute because some genius at Magento development team thought that merging a variable amount of attribute columns in just one was a good idea, it’s not “easy”. It’s a waste of additional time that you didn’t have to do with earlier versions of Magento. What you’re proposing is not easier than opening the data file in Excel and splitting the additional attributes column in several columns using “,” as a separator, doing what you have to do with all those attributes and merging them again before uploading the CSV to Magento import. This was a stupid and useless idea. If something was working as it was, why do they have to change it for worse? Magento 2 is very disappointing even for developers because it’s a lot more time consuming.

    1. Sorry you feel that way. This was designed for non technical folks. I agree that developers are better served loading it up and concatenating else where. M2s upload it much different than M1.

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