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How To Stay On Google’s Good Side (Infographic)

If the words “Google Algorithm Update” don’t strike dread into your heart, then the way you earn a living must not be in the digital or eCommerce industry.

If that is the case, I want to know why you are here and what you do?

But that’s beside the point.

Every time Google releases another algorithm update your business has to evolve and change.  If you aren’t quick to change your practices and follow suit, and by that I mean update your content to Google’s new requirements, you run the risk of Google’s penalizing your digital marketing efforts.

Stay away from the ensuing headache by following these tips collected by the team at Quick Sprout.  The main shift is the shift towards a more organic experience for end-users and the ability to be a trusted website on the internet.  Some quick top-level things to remember: keep guest posting to a minimum, focus on relevance (and honest information), make sure your site is well designed (preferably responsive), and build trust.

All of this is to say Google doesn’t purposefully make these updates to hurt your business, in fact, it’s to help with improvements online and make the internet a more trustworthy and easy to use place.

How to stay on Googles good side - infographic