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URL rewrites are a great tool within your Magento admin panel (and server) for a non-Magento Developers to use in order to take control of their site, help a site migration, or just to move a few things around. But for custom rewrites, it can be a little confusing. Here is a simple guide to Creating Custom Magento URL Rewrites:

  1. Find Magento URL Rewrite Management - by going to Catalog > Rewrite Management
Screenshot Of Magento URL Rewrite Management
  1. Select Add URL Rewrite
  2. Select the custom option from the drop-down
  3. Now you are faced with a few options:
Screenshot Of URL Rewrite Management

ID Path: This is the unique identifier for this rewrite. This should just be custom, but is only used for admin purposes.  You can use a phrase like "ProductX" or "CategoryX".  It isn't used except to uniquely identify the ID path in Magento.
Request Path: Is the URL you would like to redirect towards.  If I want to forward to; is my original request.
Target Path: Is the URL you would like the Request Path directed to.  Again I want to go to; is my redirect.
Redirect: You always want this to be permanent as 302 (or temporary redirects) do not pass any of the link juice to the new URL.
Description: This is an optional description field. Use this to keep notes on what and why you set this URL redirect up

  1. Fill these fields out correctly
  2. Click Save- This should be the job done. Quickly try out your redirect to make sure it’s working correctly

That is how you create a custom Magento URL Rewrite

By Michael Cristancho

I'm a Digital Commerce and Experience evangelist who enjoys engaging in thought-provoking conversation and mutual exploration. I am a strong believer that learning never ends, and each day brings another opportunity to grow as an individual and professional.