How To Create Magento URL Rewrites

URL rewrites are a great tool within your Magento admin panel (and server) for a non-Magento Developers to use in order to take control of their site, help a site migration, or just to move a few things around. But for custom rewrites, it can be a little confusing. Here is a simple guide to Creating Custom Magento URL Rewrites:

  1. Find Magento URL Rewrite Management – by going to Catalog > Rewrite Management
Screenshot Of Magento URL Rewrite Management
  1. Select Add URL Rewrite
  2. Select the custom option from the drop-down
  3. Now you are faced with a few options:
Screenshot Of URL Rewrite Management

ID Path: This is the unique identifier for this rewrite. This should just be custom, but is only used for admin purposes.  You can use a phrase like “ProductX” or “CategoryX”.  It isn’t used except to uniquely identify the ID path in Magento.
Request Path: Is the URL you would like to redirect towards.  If I want to forward to; is my original request.
Target Path: Is the URL you would like the Request Path directed to.  Again I want to go to; is my redirect.
Redirect: You always want this to be permanent as 302 (or temporary redirects) do not pass any of the link juice to the new URL.
Description: This is an optional description field. Use this to keep notes on what and why you set this URL redirect up

  1. Fill these fields out correctly
  2. Click Save– This should be the job done. Quickly try out your redirect to make sure it’s working correctly

That is how you create a custom Magento URL Rewrite