What Are The Different Payment Types Available In Magento EE V 1.13?

What are the different payment types available in Magento EE v 1.13?

    1. Simple Payment Method for Admin
    2. PayPal Payment Solutions
    3. Payment Bridge
    4. Ogone Direct Link
    5. PSi Gate
    6. Sage Pay Direct
    7. Saved CC
    8. Zero Subtotal Checkout
    9. Bank Transfer Payment
    10. Cash On Delivery Payment
    11. Check / Money Order
    12. Purchase Order
    13. Direct Post
    15. Braintree
    16. Worldpay
    17. First Data Global Gateway Web Service API
    18. Paybox Direct
    19. eWAY Direct
    20. Cybersource (SOAP Toolkit)
    21. Ogone
    22. Payone Direct Debit
    24. DIBS Payment Services

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