A Merchant Uses A Magento System, Along With Other Online Interfaces, As Part Of A Multichannel Business, And The Merchant Uses A BI Application To Aggregate Data From All These Systems. What Native Features Would All The Merchant To Integrate Magento With This Application?

A merchant uses a Magento system, along with other online interfaces, as part of a multichannel business, and the merchant uses a BI application to aggregate data from all these systems.  What native features would all the merchant to integrate Magento with this application?

    1. I would suggest using Magento’s API for getting and posting data to the application.  Magento features SOAP and REST apis (albeit they are slow).
      1. REST provides the web services if HTTP (or URI based)
    2. You could also schedule flat file exports/imports if the operation doesn’t need to be real time.

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