10 Best Order Tracking Software for Online Stores in 2022

Ecommerce has been steadily growing these past few years as more people turn to online stores for their needs. 

Delivering excellent after-sales services increases engagement and can help online stores gain repeat customers. One such service that requires attention is order tracking. According to a study sponsored by Oracle, 93% of online shoppers want to stay informed and receive updates about their orders and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by using an order tracking software. 

This article will give you information about some of the best order tracking software for online stores and how they can help create repeat shoppers to help your business grow.

Software Shortlist

Here’s the list of the best order tracking systems that I’ll cover in this article.

  1. ShippingEasy 
  2. ShippyPro 
  3. Cin7 
  4. ShipStation 
  5. MarketplaceWorks 
  6. Kibo Commerce 
  7. NetSuite SuiteCommerce 
  8. IBM Order Management 
  9. Infoplus 
  10. Shippo

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best order tracking apps? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Ecommerce companies manage large volumes of orders so I look for an order tracking software with a clean interface that lets users see the feature they need immediately.
  2. Usability: Aside from office staff, an order tracking software is also for the use of warehouse personnel and 3PL staff so I look for software that’s easy to use and master.
  3. Integrations: Online stores use several tools including ERP, payment portals, and customer care tools so I look for order tracking software that will work well with other tools.
  4. Value for $: Online stores need to save money to recoup their investments so I look for software with great features but reasonable pricing.

Order Tracking Platform: Key Features

  1. Branded tracking page: Allows users to create a customized tracking page to promote brand loyalty.
  2. Email updates: Allows users to update customers about their deliveries via emails.
  3. Carrier rates: Enables the choosing of favorable carrier rates to help customers save money.
  4. Customer support integration: Online stores can integrate customer support links to tracking pages to help customers get assistance easier.
  5. Inventory management: Lets online stores manage the inventory level in warehouses to keep products in stock.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Order Tracking Software Solutions 

Here’s a brief description of each order tracking tool to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.

1. ShippingEasy – Order tracking software for real-time tracking information for B2C and B2B sales

ShippingEasy - order tracking software - screenshot
ShippingEasy has a branded tracking page to promote brand loyalty.

ShippingEasy is an online order management system with discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates for the savvy, cost-conscious e-seller. It has a batch order processing for high volume sales. It allows online stores to create branded, white-label tracking pages. Tracking pages can be set-up to point customers to customer support contact information in case of a snag.

ShippingEasy is the best order tracking software if you want real-time tracking information sent to customers and stores. This order management software automatically sends shipment and delivery confirmation emails to keep customers in the loop. ShippingEasy also allows you to include a tracking number to drop-shipped orders.

ShippingEasy integrates with other order fulfillment tools including Amazon, Magento, PayPal, and Etsy.

ShippingEasy pricing starts at $5/month/up to 50 shipments and they offer a 30-day free trial.

2. ShippyPro – Order tracking software with a comprehensive tracking dashboard

ShippyPro - order tracking software - screenshot
ShippyPro has an informative dashboard to monitor shipments and their statuses.

ShippyPro is an ecommerce hub for shipping and tracking orders from your online store. This order management software compares rates from several carriers and chooses the most convenient shipping option. You can use ShippyPro to print shipping labels in bulk in various formats to save your order fulfillment team time. 

ShippyPro is the best order tracking software if you want to provide continuous assistance to customers because it lets you integrate a customer care section in the platform. You can use this system to answer questions about customers’ orders. This feature can help improve customer satisfaction because customers won’t have to switch to another platform to receive answers to their queries. 

ShippyPro integrates with other sales and shipping tools including Mailchimp, Zendesk, and Twilio. You can connect ShippyPro to a paid Zapier account if you want access to other premium apps. 

ShippyPro pricing starts at around $30/month/account and they offer a 30-day free trial.

3. Cin7 – Order tracking software with a warehouse management feature

Cin7 - order tracking software - screenshot
Cin7 allows you to track orders and shipping details, including incoming, held, and virtual stock.

Cin7 is an inventory and order management system with an order tracking feature to keep customers informed of the status of their purchases. You can use this tool to automatically send purchase orders to suppliers when a preset level has been reached. It has an integrated payment gateway for receiving payments.

Cin7 is the best order tracking software for managing multiple warehouses because it has a warehouse management feature. You can use Cin7 to receive orders and assign them to the warehouse nearest to the purchaser. You can also use this warehouse management feature to move orders between warehouses. This warehouse management system also has an inventory tracking feature for monitoring incoming orders, shipping deadlines, and picking activities to ensure efficient order fulfillment. 

Cin7 integrates with other order processing and inventory management software including ebay, Bigcommerce, Etsy, and Amazon Seller. 

Cin7 pricing starts at $299/month/account and they offer a free demo.

4. ShipStation – Order tracking software for generating shipping documents

ShipStation - order tracking software - screenshot
Use ShipStation to generate EOD manifests of all shipped orders to better track sales and workload.

ShipStation is a web-based shipping and order management software for automating processes to help you fulfill orders quickly. This order management system compares the rates of the top carriers so you can use the best option. ShipStation automatically updates tracking information and sends it to your sales channels and customers so they’re aware of the status of orders. It sends SMS and email tracking updates to customers to keep them in the loop. 

ShipStation is the best order tracking software if you want a software to handle the generation of all your shipping documents. You can use this system to generate a picking list so warehouse personnel know what items to pull for shipment. This tool also generates customs declarations for international orders. ShipStation also lets you compile an end-of-day manifest for analysis and reporting. 

ShipStation integrates with other inventory and order fulfillment tools including Shopify, Square, Woocommerce, and Squarespace. 

ShipStation pricing starts at $9/month/for up to 50 shipments and they offer a 30-day free trial.

5. MarketplaceWorks – Order tracking software with a unified dashboard for tracking orders across all sales channels

MarketplaceWorks - order tracking software - screenshot
MaketplaceWorks lets you track orders processed in multiple sales channels in one dashboard.

MarketplaceWorks is an order management software for listing and selling products on multiple sales channels. You can use this order and inventory management software to schedule a sale for a specific product on one or more marketplaces to help boost your sales figures. MarketplaceWorks automatically alerts your warehouse of a sale and generates a tracking number for your sales channel and the buyer.   

MarketplaceWorks is the best order tracking software if you want to monitor all orders made from multiple sales channels. MarketplaceWorks’ dashboard lets you see all orders, the customers who placed them, and their status so you’re always on top of your company’s shipping obligations. You can also use MarketplaceWorks to see which channels are performing better because the order tracking dashboard shows you where customers placed their orders. This feature can help you identify underperforming sales channels so you can do a root-cause analysis and help that sales channel improve. 

MarketplaceWorks integrates with other shipping and order management tools including Starin, Shopify, Amazon Fulfillment, and Reverb. 

MarketplaceWorks has a free forever plan with limited features while the pricing for paid plans starts at $49/month/account. They also offer a free 30-day trial for paid plans.

6. Kibo Commerce – Order tracking software with a dashboard for managing returns

Kibo Commerce - order tracking software - screenshot
Kibo Commerce has a dashboard for monitoring the status of returned items.

Kibo Commerce is an omnichannel sales and order management software. Its inventory management feature handles your inventory across all your distribution centers, retail stores, and vendor locations. Kibo Commerce has an order management system for routing orders according to the best cost/speed option for the package’s destination.    

Kibo Commerce is the best order tracking software with a return merchandise authorization (RMA) dashboard to help you manage returns efficiently. You can use the returns dashboard to monitor returns, their status, and if they warrant refunds. The returns dashboard can help you with inventory control by letting you reintegrate returned items to your warehouse stock. 

Kibo Commerce allows you to use API to create an RMA application to make the processing of RMA kits easier. 

Kibo Commerce pricing information and a free demo are available upon request.

7. NetSuite SuiteCommerce – Order tracking software with an order status extension for websites

NetSuite SuiteCommerce - order tracking software - screenshot
NetSuite SuiteCommerce can track key performance indicators for your shipments and sales.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce is a B2B and B2C order management system for managing in-store and online sales. You can use this software to process orders from all your sales channels and route them to the order fulfillment site that’s nearest to your customer. It has inventory management software for monitoring inventory levels and processing purchase orders to replenish your stocks. 

NetSuite SuiteCommerce has an extension for your website so customers can log into their accounts and view their purchase history and the status of a purchase or sales order. This is an excellent feature for a small business without a dedicated customer service team because customers won’t need to call in to check on the delivery status of items. You can also use this order management solution to indicate the status and location of a store pickup if that option is available to a customer. 

NetSuite SuiteCommerce offers pricing details and a product tour upon request.

8. IBM Order Management – Order tracking software with supply chain management feature

IBM Order Management - order tracking software - screenshot
IBM Order Management has a dashboard for assessing your supply chain and product delivery system.

IBM Order Management is order management software for tracking orders in various sales channels. It lets you view all orders and inventories in a single dashboard to provide accurate delivery estimates to customers. You can use IBM Order Management’s order tracking dashboard to analyze the utilization of delivery methods to help you move human resources to busier delivery channels.

IBM Order Management is the best order management software if you want to manage your supply chain and product delivery systems effectively. This order and inventory management software uses artificial intelligence to provide data-driven insights you can use to uncover workflow deficiencies and practices that result in extra costs. It also uses patterns to predict possible supply chain disruptions so you can create contingency plans and avoid delivery delays. 

IBM Order Management provides pricing information and a 30-day free trial upon request.

9. Infoplus – Order tracking software with 3PL warehouse management capabilities

Infoplus - order tracking software - screenshot
Infoplus has a dashboard that lets you filter information to display only those that you need.

Infoplus is a cloud ecommerce system for managing orders, deliveries, and inventory. You can use this order management system to print custom barcodes for use in maintaining accurate warehouse inventories. Infoplus can create restocking rules and custom alerts like low stocks or items nearing expiration dates. 

Infoplus is an excellent order management software for managing third party logistics. During order processing, Infoplus’ order management solution assigns orders to the warehouse nearest the customer to cut down delivery time. Infoplus also has a reporting feature that lets you customize data presentations to make them easier to understand for your employees or stakeholders.    

Infoplus provides pricing information and a product demo upon request.

10. Shippo – Order tracking software with prefilled customs forms for international packages

Shippo - order tracking software - screenshot
You can use Shippo to provide updated estimated time of arrival to customers.

Shippo is a eCommerce order tracking solution for automating shipping workflows and processes. This order management software has a built-in global address validation feature to help avoid failed deliveries due to mismatched addresses. Shippo also offers pre-filled customs forms to save time during international shipments. 

Shippo’s stand-out feature is its prefilled customs forms. Customs can be a pain, for both you and your customers, and Shippo makes it easy by auto-populating most of the data for you based on the info already in your system. You’ll want to do a final look over for any AI-related errors but this formula can save you a ton of time and confusion. 

Shippo has a free forever plan with limited features while the pricing for paid plans starts at $10/month/up to 5 user accounts. They also offer a free 30-day trial for paid accounts.

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Other Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Etail Solutions – Software for managing the supply chain and shipping needs of retails and B2B companies.
  2. ParagonSMB – Inventory and order management software for small and medium businesses.
  3. Fishbowl – Warehouse management solution with work order management and accounting software.
  4. Epicor EDI – Software for managing human resources, supply chain, inventory, and distribution.
  5. Sana Commerce Cloud – E-commerce platform with order and invoice tracking capabilities.
  6. inFlow Inventory – Inventory management software for managing inventory and sales in one system.
  7. SKUlabs – Software for order fulfillment, shipping labels, and inventory management.
  8. VeraCore – Cloud-based warehouse management system for 3PLs.
  9. Now Commerce – B2B online ordering system.
  10. Zoho Inventory – Cloud-based inventory management system for small and medium businesses.
  11. Shipedge – Cloud-based order fulfillment system for 3PLs and eCommerce companies.
  12. Acctivate Inventory Software – Inventory management system with order fulfillment and business analytics features.
  13. Order Time Inventory – Inventory control and order management software.
  14. Skynamo – Field sales management software for monitoring sales activities.
  15. eSwap – Cloud-based inventory and order management software.

What do you think about this list?

Keeping customers informed about the status of their orders is critical towards maintaining customer satisfaction and an order tracking software can help you provide real-time updates to customers. Order tracking software can also save you time and human resources because customers can check on the status of their orders using a tracking page instead of calling customer support. 

Aside from the best order tracking software, there are other fantastic software and tools to help you grow your e-business; you can learn all about them by subscribing to The Ecomm Manager.

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