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10 Best Free Inventory Management Software In 2022

Inventory management software helps ecommerce businesses keep track of stock. This kind of software is vital for any ecommerce organization but is especially important for businesses that sell products on multiple channels.

The good news is that there are free solutions you can use to keep track of stock movements, manage your inventory levels, and oversee sales orders and product availability. 

In this review, I’ll take a look at the best free inventory management software you can use in 2022. The review includes a short description and a screenshot of each tool that made it on the list, as well as a comparison chart so you can determine which solution is best for you. 

Software Shortlist 

Here’s the list of the best tools that I’ll cover in this article.

  1. Odoo
  2. Zoho Inventory
  3. RightControl
  4. ABC Inventory
  5. Stockpile
  6. SalesBinder
  7. inFlow OnPremise
  8. UpKeep
  9. Sortly
  10. PartKeepr

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best free inventory management system? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Inventory management must sport a UI design that makes it easy to view inventory items individually or in groups. I’m looking for easy inventory reports, clean menus, and sensible dashboards.
  2. Usability: I look for solutions that are easy to use. Your team should be able to learn how to use most of the tool’s functionalities after a brief onboarding or training period.
  3. Integrations: I look for solutions that integrate with popular ecommerce platforms and other apps you would normally use.
  4. Value for Pricing: I look for tools that don’t limit your ability to manage your inventory despite being free.

Inventory Management App: Key Features

  1. Inventory tracking: The tool should enable you to maintain accurate records of all the orders you receive, shipped items, refill requirements, etc. 
  2. Notifications and alerts: The software should automatically send you notifications when your inventory reaches certain thresholds so you can replenish your stock. 
  3. Barcode scanning: The solution should enable you to scan barcodes, so you can save time when entering products into your system. 
  4. Returns management: The tool should enable you to keep track of returned items so you can check them out before re-entering them into your system. 
  5. Security and backups: The software should be secure and back up your data to protect it from bad actors. 

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Free Inventory Management Software Solutions 

Here’s a brief description of each free inventory management solution to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface. 

1. Odoo – Open source inventory management software that prioritizes customizability and integrations

odoo free inventory management software screenshot
Odoo handles various inventory management processes, from internal transfers to manufacturing, picking, and orders.

Odoo is an award-winning free and open source inventory management system that has amassed over 7 million users since its launch. They are currently used by companies across various selling and manufacturing industries, like Toyota, Cox, Hyundai, and Danone. Odoo Inventory is known in particular for its flexibility in customizations and integrations.

Odoo is noteworthy for its complete suite of business apps that all work in tandem to cover every aspect of online selling: inventory, CRM, marketing, accounting, task management, and so on. It is comprehensive and, with a bit of elbow grease, completely flexible and can be molded to shape your exact needs. Robust documentation, open source DNA, and a thorough list of integrations can transform it into the exact tool that you need. 

Odoo integrates with dozens of third-party apps, like rocketchat, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, WordPress, Slack, Hubstaff, Microsoft SQL, and other options. A paid plan through Zapier can unlock additional integration options. 

The Odoo open source community edition is completely free to use with some feature limitations. 

2. Zoho Inventory – Simple inventory manager that helps you run a small business with a single warehouse

zoho inventory free inventory management software screenshot
Zoho Inventory helps you track stock levels, view order status, and identify top-selling items at a glance.

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management tool that helps you track inventory changes, manage sales and purchase orders, and list your products on multiple sales channels. 

This solution creates a centralized inventory system for all your online sales. It updates your inventory quantity whenever a sale is made, so it keeps your inventory levels in sync across different channels.

One of the best things about this solution is its use of comprehensive dashboards. The dashboards offer you increased visibility into your business, allowing you to see inventory changes and best-sellers with ease. 

Zoho Inventory integrates dozens of solutions, including Shopify, eBay, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, Etsy, Salesforce, and Google Shopping. 

Zoho Inventory is free for organizations with a single warehouse that sell up to 50 orders/month. The free version allows you to create 50 shipping labels per month. 

3. RightControl – Manage up to 10 inventory lines and communicate with clients without leaving the app

rightcontrol free inventory management software screenshot
RightControl helps you organize your inventory and communicate with clients in the same app.

RightControl is a free stock management and inventory optimization software designed for solopreneurs and small businesses. The software helps you generate and print barcodes, track every inventory item, create invoices, and manage your sales. 

The software has a clean interface and its documentation is thorough, so you can learn to navigate it with ease. The order management tool allows you to track single items, multiple identical items, and item bundles, so you can create different product categories and subcategories to optimize your stock. 

RightControl enables you to generate purchase orders without difficulty. The dashboard highlights purchase orders past their due delivery dates, so you can spot them right away. 

This solution does not offer integrations with payment or accounting software. 

Your RightControl account starts with a 30-day demo of the full app, after which you have to register for the free version to keep your data. The free version restricts access to only one user and 10 inventory lines. The free version has built-in contact management capabilities, enabling you to communicate with customers without leaving the app. 

4. ABC Inventory – Manage multiple warehouses and create custom kits for your customers

abc inventory free inventory management software screenshot
ABC Inventory helps you create detailed components lists for your products.

ABC Inventory is an on-premise inventory system that helps you with order management, procurement management, and inventory management. This software does not limit the number of records you can store in its database, so you can manage large inventories with it. 

ABC Inventory can track items across multiple warehouses, which is a feature many paid solutions don’t offer. In addition, the platform also offers a kitting functionality, enabling you to sell multiple items as part of a set or kit.  

This software stands out from other free solutions because it includes some features you would normally find in paid apps, such as multiple currencies support, warehouse and stock movement logs, or automatic creation of serial and lot numbers. 

However, ABC Inventory does not integrate with any other software in your technology stack, so you can’t sync your inventory data in your favorite ecommerce platform or create reports for every sales channel.

ABC Inventory is completely free for unlimited records. 

5. Stockpile – Manage multiple locations and unlimited inventory items

stockpile free inventory management software screenshot
Stockpile enables you to manage inventory and track changes across multiple locations.

Stockpile is an online inventory management software for small businesses and at-home users. The platform helps you manage the stock level of inventory items across different locations and enables you to create multiple users with various permission levels. 

The solution makes it easy to add inventory, keep track of sales, and handle returns or damaged goods. Stockpile’s reporting features help you gain valuable insights on inventory turnover. 

The platform offers multiple tutorials so you can learn how to use all of its functionalities, and offers free support for all users. Stockpile supports multiple currencies and allows you to process and record sales. You can set up custom notifications for low stock levels.

Stockpile is completely free for unlimited inventory items, users, and locations. 

6. SalesBinder – Access a CRM and manage your inventory with a mobile app

salesbinder free inventory management software screenshot
SalesBinder allows you to create a detailed inventory list and see the statistics of different inventory categories.

SalesBinder is a freemium inventory management software that has a good free-forever version. The web-based platform has a nice interface that’s easy to navigate and helps you keep your stock organized. 

The free inventory management system offers a lot of great functionalities, such as a CRM, unlimited locations, invoicing, estimates, shipment tracking, barcoding, sales orders, purchases orders, reports, and an iOS inventory app.  

SalesBinder integrates with a variety of apps, including Xero, WooCommerce, QuickBooks Commerce, and Zapier. However, none of these integrations are available for the free version. 

SalesBinder is free for one user and up to 100 inventory records. 

7. inFlow OnPremise – Track inventory and generate in-depth reports with an on-premise solution

inflow onpremise free inventory management software screenshot
InFlow OnPremise’s dashboard helps you understand what’s happening in your organization.

InFlow OnPremise is an inventory software that helps you track orders and stock levels. The platform stores your data on a Windows computer and allows you to share the data across your local network. 

The platform offers an extensive knowledge base, so you can learn how to use all of its functionalities without support. You can create product categories, track any purchase order and items out for repair, manage returns, and keep accurate records of your sales. Its reporting feature is great and delivers valuable insights into your organization.

This free inventory software allows you to create an unlimited number of users with different permission levels for your local network users. However, two users cannot make changes to the inventory at the same time. When one user is making changes, the other users have read-only access. 

InFlow OnPremise does not integrate with other apps, but you can export your data to QuickBooks Online as CVS files. 

InFlow OnPremise is free for up to 100 products and customers. If you reach this limit, you have to purchase a license in order to keep using the platform. The free version allows you to create 15 reports. 

8. UpKeep – Turn your mobile devices into bar scanners with a mobile-friendly platform

upkeep free inventory management software screenshot
UpKeep helps you find items in your inventory across different locations.

UpKeep is an inventory control software that helps you manage your stock and oversee order fulfillment. The platform creates a centralized location for your inventory counts, so you know exactly where each item is and how many items you need to replenish your stock. 

Even though this solution doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app, it has a mobile-friendly design, so it will work flawlessly on any mobile device. The mobile version also has bar scanning capabilities, so you can scan items and create purchase orders without leaving the platform. 

The software automatically updates your inventory counts and sends you push and email notifications when stock levels are low. The platform also enables you to manage different locations. 

The free version of UpKeep doesn’t offer integrations. 

UpKeep’s free-forever version has limited capabilities, but comes with unlimited view-only users, unlimited vendors, multiple location management, and chat & phone support. 

9. Sortly – Stay on top of your inventory with low stock and date-based alerts

sortly free inventory management software screenshot
Sortly enables you to create multiple product categories for your current inventory.

Sortly is an inventory management software that enables you to add products to your inventory, segment your products into multiple categories, and track every sales order. The platform has a nice interface that’s easy to master, and it has a design that’s compatible with all mobile devices. 

Sortly makes inventory tracking easy with the help of automatic low stock alerts and date-based reminders for products with short warranties or expiration dates. You can also create custom dashboards so you can get a bird’s-eye-view of your business. 

The free inventory software allows you to create one custom field. This enables you to create a custom inventory category for products that don’t fit into the product’s default fields. 

The free version of Sortly doesn’t offer integrations. 

Sortly is free for one user, one custom field, and up to 100 items. 

10. PartKeepr – Create custom fields for your inventory with an open-source solution

partkeepr free inventory management software screenshot
PartKeepr enables you to create detailed entries for your products.

PartKeepr is an open-source inventory management system that helps you keep track of your stock and orders. The solution is highly customizable, so you can include or exclude as many fields as you want in your product descriptions. 

You can also create custom data fields for every item and then include those fields in your search. The platform’s search functionality is very good and it enables you to sort and filter products by any field. 

PartKeepr allows you to manage your inventory with the help of barcode scanners. The platform supports barcode scanners, but there are some free apps on GitHub that enable you to pair your mobile devices with PartKeepr and turn them into barcode scanners. 

PartKeepr doesn’t offer native integrations, but you can customize it to integrate with many popular ecommerce solutions if you know how to code.

PartKeepr is open-source and completely free. 

Other Options

Eventually, you may outgrow your free inventory software. After all, the goal of any e-seller is to grow their stock (available items and quantity of each in stock) and customer base. In that case, you may want to upgrade your free inventory management software from this list to a paid plan, if they offer one. If not, scale up with one of our selections for the best inventory management software (paid + scalable options).

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Inventory management is important for ecommerce businesses. As Bala Ganesh, UPS Vice President of Marketing, said: “It’s about streamlining the supply chain and constantly updating real-time stock quantities so that customers get what they want when they want it without turning to another provider. […] Automated purchasing activity and real-time inventory status can help businesses identify the most- and least-profitable locations.”

Free solutions have their limitations, but they can help you set up your ecommerce business and attract your first buyers. However, the ecommerce industry is always changing, so you need to stay up to date with the latest developments.

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