2015 Benchmark Ecommerce Growth


Hey Community! I got an email today that featured a really interesting set of metrics and overall great content and I wanted to forward it along to you.

OriginallyFrom RJ Metrics

We analyzed the data of 200+ ecommerce retailers with over $25 billion in transaction revenue to answer this question: what are the indicators of breakout ecommerce success? 

Our research included companies with less than $1 million in annual revenue to some of the fastest growing companies in the IR 500. By studying the key metrics of best-in-class companies, we were able to gain insight on how growth patterns differ for companies achieving breakout success.

Here are a few of the highlights we found:

  • Companies are getting smarter about growth — those founded in 2013 grew faster than companies founded in earlier years
  • By month six in business, top performing companies are generating nearly $450k in monthly revenue
  • Top performing companies have an Average Order Value 36% higher than other companies

Open PDF – 2015 Ecommerce Growth Benchmark Report RJMetrics

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